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Violence Jack Evil Town is a violent pre verted, 18+ f'd up and colorful OAV by Go Nagai, based on the Violence Jack manga arc about 3 groups sealed in an underground mall.




It was censored in England cuz the wiener/commies at the BBFC couldn't take it and said "no one can watch this cuz we don't like it". Makes me glad to be an American with freedom of expression! Australia wouldn't even classify it cuz theyre ruled by wimps/commies. They also banned Mortal Kombat. CANDY A55!! The main scenes removed were Section B B0NING the super models of Section C, Section A B0NING the super models of Section C, some of the more awesome graphic violence and gore, and the scene where Mad Saulus eats his hermaphrodite gf Blue. It should be noted that the manga was even more f'd up and toned down for the anime a bit (plus they didn't even show BLUE'S B0NAR!)

Changed From The MangaEdit

  • Rikki is the one who breaks through the wall to the outside instead of Jack (using a big hammer and wearing only undies).
  • Kawamori doesn't goin Section B and jam his thing into Aila Mu(but he does cap the leader of Section A in an effort to make things easier for Section B to rule). Mad Saulus thanks him by crushing him under his foot like a pop can.
  • Mad Saulus doesn't actually transform into that abomination to face jack one last time. He also doesn't take Jack's blade, Jack gives him one.



  • Kind of a reverse cameo but, Blue bares a strong resemblance to Gestapoko from Kekko Kamen (but Gestapoko don't have a wiener)

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