Triple panther alive

Its like that joke about Siamese twins wanting to get married

A Panther Claw minion from Re: Cutey Honey who is basicaly a Gestalt(like predaking/defensor/devastator/computron ect. from Transformers) of Destroyer Panther, Scoop Panther and Doctor Panther. She looks like Destroyer Panther with Scoop Panther and Doctor Panther tacked on the back from the waist up. She seems to be a united mind with parts of the original personalities of the 3 panthers remaining (they speak in unison but each part uses a phrase they previously used, albiet in turns). She talks boastful but is easily defeated by Honey Kisaragi in one hit and falls apart(Hokuto No Ken: Nanto Sei Ken style) and explodes in a flashy brightly coloured blast.

Triple panther

omae wa mou, shinderu! hidebuuuu!