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Oh a little girl, eh?

Toenail of Satan is the main villain, the wicked principal of the Academy, who dresses in a fearsome white demon mask and jester hood. In the anime he claims to be a Demon.He is extremely perverted and obtains satisfaction from sexually humiliating the female student body, especially Mayumi Takahashi. This often brings him into conflict with the voluptuous Kekko Kamen, whose secret identity he wishes to uncover. To accomplish this, he brings out various punishment councilors to publicly humiliate Takahashi, using her as bait to bring the curvy naked warrior of justice out in the open. However, he always manages to be defeated by her. He also appears in Maboroshi Panty, as well. In volume 3 of the "Maboroshi Panty" manga, when the crime rate at Susumi's school continues to escalate, the administrators bring in Kekko Kamen's fiendish enemy, the villainous Toenail of Satan, to take over as the new Principal of the school. With him, the masked demon brings his usual team of sadistic teachers and humiliating punishments. Maboroshi Panty then seeks to put an end to the villain's method of education.


  • Mazinger Angels; He's in a chapter. There's a lot of curvy babes.

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