An underaged(even by Japan's standards) boy from Devilman who is in the 70's anime and the OAV's/manga(he

Tare in apocylpse

gets killed in the latter) who is Miki Makimura's little brother. He is like less than 4 feet tall and has dark eyes/hair. His apperance changes from time to time dependeing on the media.

Devilman TVEdit

Tare 70s

He looks like some monkey boy in this shot.

In here he is more of a comic relief character who looks up to Akira Fudo like a brother (or Oni-san in japanese). He often wets himself and is kinda like Junpei Hayami from Cutey honey or Shiro Kabuto from Mazinger Z but less pervy. He is rescued by Akira at times and has a...(whats it called when you get along with them but sometimes have fights with your Oni-san?) relationship with Miki and has a more comical character design than his later versions. Oh, and he is alive at the end of the series.

Devilman Manga/OAVEdit

Tare 80s

He don't do much in the OAV's(like Megu in Violence Jack but with less fanservice)(thankfully)

Manga Tare

He was more likeable in the manga...and they wacked him.

In here, he is more serious such as when he comforts Susumu and stands up to Susumu's mom. He retains some of his comic pants wetting but its less funny in here (sometimes since its meant for horror not comedy). He is a nice boy with a bit of playfulness and a pure-ish heart and he also likes video games (in the OAV). He is easily scared such as when the Demons attack his home in Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene but he has his brave moments(like in the manga where he fights against his murderous neighbors). He is surprised by Akira Fudo being a demon but seems to still like him possibly. He is killed by beheading and is dead when his neighbors kill him for allegedly being a demon and his sister, Miki Makimura has the horror of seeing her little brother beheaded and dead.

Amon Manga/OAVEdit

Tare amon oav

He is disturbed since he just saw Akira killing/eating demons on TV.

Tare dead

Holy cow, his sister is gonna be scarred for the rest of her life when she sees this(all 20 seconds of it)

He doesn't play much of a role in here and is horrified to the point of self wetting at the footage Ryo Asuka shows of Akira going Devilman (which is gorier in this version) on TV. He goes to find his sister but is shot through the head and killed. The sick neighbors then cut the body from under him and leave a nasty present for his sister Miki to find.

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