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Cutie Honey 90 Volume 2 Part 1 cover
Sister Jill is a member of Panther Claw, she appears as a main villian in the series and she is often shown to have a lesbian crush on Honey Kisaragi.

Abilities and CharacteristicsEdit

Sister Jill 70s Anime

"Another" S/M Lesbian?!

Her appearence depends on the version of Cutie Honey, but in general is a tall blonde woman with large breasts, she wears something similar to dominatrix clothes. She is often shown as the leader of Panther Claw (depending on the version).

She uses a whip as her main weapon which seems to be made of metal, her strength is far superior to human strength, is shown that she is able to kill with a single lash of her whip (Manga) or to fight in almost equal terms with Honey, despite having a whip, to Honey's sowrd. She can breath fire too (in the manga), and is shown to be a panther or cybord/android depending on what version she is in.

Cutey honeyEdit

Sister Jill breathing fire manga

Why can she breath fire??!!

In the Anime and Manga she is the Leader of the Japanese branch of Panther Claw under the command of Panther Zora. She is also in charge of Zora's female android armies, consistently sending them after Honey Kisaragi, but fails each time to destroy her in an entertaining fashion. In the last episode, she fights Honey Kisaragi in a castle but she is defeated and when she dies is revealed that she is actually a panther.

New Cutey HoneyEdit

New Cutey Honey Panther Claw


She made a cameo with the Panther Claw androids that Honey Kisaragi killed in Cutey honey in a flashback in New Cutey Honey OVA 4 and is long dead at the time of it.

Cutey Honey FEdit

Sister Jill 90s Anime

How can a S/M whip block a sword?

In this incarnation, Sister Jill is Panther Zora's daughter and sends Panther Claw minions after Honey Kisaragi. Sister Jill is more demonic in appearance here, as signified by her green hair and chalk white skin. Unlike her other incarnations, Sister Jill is not a lesbian and displays no such tendancies to any of the characters. This is because this series was intended to be more child friendly than the others.

She serves as Honey's principal adversary until her death in Episode 13.

Re: Cutey HoneyEdit

She seems to be the real main threat in this series and was originally a prototype for Honey Kisaragi but everything went wrong and she almost destroys Japan.

She seems more attracted to Honey in this series than in any other.

Cutey Honey The LiveEdit

There is no Sister Jill in Panther Claw, here she's replaced by Mayumi Karasugawa, who specializes in goon squad recruitment and seducing her female students.

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