Scoop panther

Why are those chix so freaked? its just some purvo finding em hot. they otta be flattered.

A Panther Claw minion from Re: Cutey Honey who is some weird camera 5kank. Her powers involve taking pictures and an x ray scope that can see through clothes(like what u buy in da back of a comic in da 50s). At the start of Re: Cutey Honey OAV 1, she goes in a public bath with lotsa naked chix takin sexy pix. a geezer fighters her with a broom and kicks her candy a55! turns out, the alleged geezer was Honey Kisaragi and scoop was captured arrested by Natsuko and put in the police station. Later, Gold Claw revives her (and Destroyer Panther/Doctor Panther) with a lightning thing and they bust up the police station. Honey beats Destroyer and Doctor panther as Scoop Panther takes nude pix with her x ray scope. Honey turns her outfit into ONLY A TOWEL and seduces scoop panther(which I guess means shes into chix(like pretty much everyone in cutey honey)) and throws the towel in her face then nails her in it(with scoop getting some footage of honey IN DA NUDE). They ask who she is and Honey has a nude henshin *which scoop panther enjoys), After Honey defeats Destroyer Panther/Scoop Panther/Doctor Panther, the 3 panthers merge (Panther Flash!) into Triple Panther and is 1 hit killed by Honey Kisaragi(with a power rangers style explosion)!

Shes voicecd by Chigusa Ikeda who waz [[Tank Panther in Re: Cutey Honey OAV 2, and geezer chicks in Cat Planet Cuties, Hakaba Kitarō. oh and a few once shot characters in Super GALS! Man shes not had an important role in like... ever