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Scissor Claw was a member of Panther Claw and a enemy of Honey Kisaragi. She has a blade/claw on one arm that has machineguns in it. Also she's strong and big.

Cutey Honey MangaEdit

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Just like Blue in Violence Jack Evil Town

In the manga honey faces her in a quick battle after Honey escapes Panther claw's truck. Honey only has enough juice for one last flash and turns into a statue to hide in plain sight. Scissor cant find her and leaves. Honey fights her later in a weird subspace by Panther Zora and Honey lops off her head. Then Tomahawk Panther chops her body in half along the waist. Such a useful character.

Cutey Honey AnimeEdit

In the anime She(someone fill this in homie)

She was voiced by Haruko Kitahama who was also Badfly Claw, Black Claw, Fire Claw, Cutter Claw, Dynamite Claw, Sea Panther, and Spin Claw In Cutey Honey, Sirene in Devilman TV, Kyuusuichou Mother in Dororon Enma-kun‏‎, Mama and Satome in Majokko Tickle and Female Baron Ashura in Mazinger Z, Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman‏‎, Mazinger Z Vs. Dr. Hell‏‎, Mazinkaiser,

New Cutey HoneyEdit

New Cutey Honey Panther Claw


She made a cameo with the Panther Claw androids that Honey Kisaragi killed in Cutey honey in a flashback in New Cutey Honey OVA 4 and is long dead at the time of it.

Cutey Honey FEdit

Scissor panther missiles flash

This isn't Macross Robotech!!

In this one she shows up in Cutey Honey Flash Episode 2‏‎ where around 15 mins into the episode, she and Tarantula Panther jack a jewelry store. She has a machine gun claw like in the manga. after taking out da guardz, Seiji Hayami tries to stop her but is driven off by bullets and spiders until Honey saves his a55(b4 the bugs crawl in it). she open fire on honey and seiji and shoots up the ceiling then escapes in the sewer... somehow. later in this water place, honey does synchronized swimming by herself for some reason and takes out the henchmen. then seiji arrives (whowd she get there b4 him?! they were at the same place!!). she asks honey "who da f r u" and hiney gives her rundown of forms in case u wernt paying attention b4 turning into AI NO SENSHI, KYUTI HAANI SAN! Honey takes out the henchmen and uses HONEY BOOMERANG to get back the necklace from scissor claw. she chases honey and opens fire (but none hit her) and accidentally guns down Tarantula Panther. Honey boomerangs her gun hand and asks about Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi. honey walks away after the answer and scissor opens he armor and missiles come out. but hiney appars out of the ankle deep water behind her (somehow) and kills her with her HONEY LIGHTENING FLASH!! and then... she died... AHHHHHHHHH!! hidebu!


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