Schtroheim Heinrich is a german scientist who tried to surpass Juzo Kabuto in robotics.

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He competed with Juzo Kabuto in Robotics but was killede in a lab accident. After Dr. Hell used his resources and cyber cr-p to revive him, he made Donau Alpha 1 as a way to surpass Juzo Kabuto's Mazinger Z with Dr H's sci fi cr-p. Dr H wanted to use Donau immediately but Schtroheim wanted to make it better so he ran away with it. to be fair, that might explain why the Mechanical Beasts s-ck and Mazinger always beats em. They were rushed. Look at Sonic 06 compared to Sonic Mania. Schtroheim Wanted it to have its own thoughts and brain and will like a human (so thats where Mega Man X got it from). Baron Ashura found him and sent River F9 to bust his home. But Schtroheim sent Donau out. Schtroheim somehow snuck aboard Ghoul and confronted him/her. After revealing his motives, He tried to stop Ashura from sending the incomplete Donau out but Asura shredded him with machineguns and threw his bod out. B4 he bites it, he tells Lorelei Heinrich he made her as the Heart and mind of Donau Alpha 1 and couldn't hand her over to Dr H (kind of a reverse Astro Boy) and tells her his last wish is for her to fuse with Donau and beat Mazinger. Despite Shiro Kabuto's attempts to save her, she does it and goes after Asura for wasting her pop. After bustin River F9 she faces Mazinger Z against Shiro's pleas and after putting up a pretty epic battle, hers busted by Mazinger. Shiro gets p-ssed and I don't think she went to Heaven or Hell as shes an item.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z HenEdit

In here he's A cyborg and former collaborator of Doctor Hell, he is shown with his robot daughter Lorelai while talking to Nishikiyori Tsubasa in the first episode. Schtroheim is one of the three great robot engineers in all of Japan (the other two being Juzo Kabuto and his son, Kenzo Kabuto). Like Tsubasa, Heinrich too has knowledge about the legend of the Mycenaeans. In both Shin Mazinger and in the original series, Schtroheim is a direct rival of Juzo and is determined to surpass the creator of Mazinger Z by any means.

In here he's played by Iemasa Kayumi who also did Khalia Chival VI in Final Fantasy Type-0, Narration in Strider on PC Engine, Shadowgeist in Street Fighter EX2 and 3, Slayer in Guilty Gear XX, McCoy in Area 88, Mr Big in Art of Fighting OVA, Paragus in the Broly DBZ movie, Narrator/Father in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Dokuro in Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up, The Puppet Master in Ghost in the Shell, Cobra Nefertari in One Piece and Mr. Goldo in Zatch Bell.