For the half naked chick from Devilman see Sirene

Saline was a singer working for Dolmeck who gave out microphones with the injection thing that turned curvy chicks into sexy monsters.

New Cutey HoneyEdit

In New Cutey Honey OVA 3 she is working at some place and Honey Kisaragi investigates. se suspects honey of snooping but honey starts coming onto her and pressing her t-ts against hers. For some reason, she isn't into yuri(which is weird for a cutey honey chick) and throws her out. imagine if she WAS yuri? they'd be doing sexy stuff!! Honey catches her with Dolmeck and they fight. she uses the capsule and turns into some sexy monster like in sailor moon. she injects honey but it don't work as honey isn't human(which anyone rom the 70s would know). honey wastes her and the bad guys capture Chokkei Hayami, which leads into New Cutey Honey OVA 4.

She was voiced by Urara Takano who was also Kai Hiwatari in the good Beyblade, Dianne Melon in Ogenki Clinic(HOLY CR-P SHE WAS HOT! SHE HAD MASSIVE B00BS!!) Zeon in Zatch Bell, Insector Haga(Weevil Underwood) in Yugioh, Buster Horiguchi in Wanna Be's(that was soooooo 80s!! I love it!), Jamacho in Wedding Paech, Raichu in pokemon, void in sonic shuffle, whiptail in heavenly sword, Veffidas Feaze in Macross 7, Kate Masseau in Macross Plus, Blues(Protoman) In Megaman Wish upon a star, Tiger in Saber Marionette J, Mowgli in Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli(that was actually good) and maria tachibana in Sakura Wars.

In the Dub she was voiced by Marcy Rae who also did a mom in Dragon Half, Josephine in Slayers OVA, Minmeis mom in the asv dub of macross, Shiro Amakusa Tokisada in Samurai Shodown the motion picture, Principal in Devil Hunter Yokho(which I just looked at the sega genesis/mega drive game on ebay b4 writing this), Warden Heel in GUY, Rmi Mizuchi in Sukeban Deka, Natasha Radinov in Gunsmith Cats, and a buncha geezer chicks in various adv dubs

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