Sachiko dead

Despite the graphic violence, it is still a very touching scene.

Sachiko alive

she looks like a young Sayaka Yumi

A childhood friend and neighbor of Akira Fudo from before he moved in with Miki Makimura. She visits the Makimura house to see Akira and they have a nice reunion. Akira sees her off to the train and she gets eaten by Jinmen on the train ride. Jinmen calls Akira and tauntingly tells him that his friend was yummy, and that he wants Akira to meet him in the park. Akira goes to the park and he sees her face that tells him of the horror she went through. Jinmen reveals himself and fights with Akira and is winning since Akira does not want to ice Sachiko. She tells Akira that she is already dead and that he must slay Jinmen. Akira punches through her face and rips Jinmen apart. She was replaced by Akira's mom in the Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene OAV, and the artistic student in the live-action movie.

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