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Psycho Jenny(or Genie) is a Demon from Devilman who has mindwiping powers. She appears as a big head with long hair and arms/legs. She is also loyal to Satan.


Psycho Jenny appears as a large, androgynous head with flowing pink hair and arms and legs. In some versions her hair color changes to either red or

The Fewture figure

blonde. He also possesses golden eyes, gray colored skin, and thick black lips. 


Personality wise, Psycho Jenny is a very manipulative individual, capable of using her own powers and abilities to deceive people. She is also shown to be very charismatic at times, luring people to their own demises by luring them in with using a person's own likes/dislikes against people.

Devilman (TV) Edit

Psycho Jenny Devilman 70s Anime


In Devilman Episode 16 this Demon appears as just a head with hair that can float and hypnotizes young people with a red star during a meteor shower that only the young can see. Later, Psycho Jenny appears in their dreams and tells them that if they tell anyone about him/her that she/he will kill them and at 12:00 to look at the red star. Chiyako tells Akira some of her dream and describes Psycho Jenny as "a horrible beautiful woman" and for telling she gets illusioned to think everything is on fire.

At midnight, she appears as a red comet and lures the young people into the water of the dam and was talking about them being happy soon and not having homework and other things kids hate. This leads Akira Fudo to follow them and he transforms to fight him. Akira tried to drown her, but Psycho Jenny uses his hair tentacles to grab him. She throws him but he recovers and Devil Cutters at her but she used a red forcefield to block before turning into a red orb and flying in the sky. Devilman flies up but gets grabbed by her hair tentacles and slapped around a bit before he grabs his head and DeviBeams her at close range, resulting in Psycho Jenny's death. Her head falls to the ground and crumbles to dust shortly after.

Devilman Manga/OAVEdit


Holy Heck!! Thats freaky!!

In here she is the one who brainwashed Satan into thinking he was Ryo Asuka to infiltrate the human world. She later stopped Akira Fudo from fighting demons for a time during the demon invasion and it is later revealed thet She sent mental images of the demons past into the Demon Mask for Ryo/Akira to see back in the first OVA/manga volume, since the mask was fake and did nothing without Psycho Jenny).

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

Chibi Psycho Jenny

Oh! KAWAII!!!!!!!!

In here, she appears in front of Ryo Asuka and informs him that he put Amon's soul into Kaim and that she finds Ryo's Satan form prettier than his Ryo form. Ryo comments that Psycho Jenny looks the same in chibi as in her regular form ,a comment which she doesn't mind and kinda likes. In the 3rd OVA, she tells Sirene and Kaim to be happy as per Satan's orders and at the end, teleports Miki Makimura to the Violence Jack world and asks Jack where Satan is.

Amon: The Apocalypse of DevilmanEdit

Psycho Jenny Amon

It looks like something out of Apocalypse Zero...but without male organs.

In here she stops a blast from Amon with a blast of her own (showing that she has considerable power since he can cancel out a blast from Amon, one of the most powerful demons, with equal power) and is often seen with Satan in the remains of the top of a busted up building or floating in the sky. Her facial expressions tend to be more sadistic in this portrayal.

Devil LadyEdit

In Devil Lady, she appears beside a male Lan Asuka (which may by Ryo Asuka) after Jun Fudo gave birth to Akira Fudo. Lan/Jun merge into Satan and Akira joins her for some reason.

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