Man this is pretty bada55. Then we find out he's a PURR VURT!!

Ophisto Bazooka is a big bada55 daemon with a bazooka who is homies with Mephist Dance. He meets up with Hanappe Yamada and they have various violent and sexy adventures together that only Go Nagai could create out of his twisted mind.

Hanappe Bazooka OVAEdit

Bazooka and Dance OVA

someone fill this in. Have fun watching the video. its nuts!

In here he was voiced by the awesome Kenji Utsumi who was Raoh in Hokuto no ken, Kaioh in Hokuto no ken 2, the dragon in dragon ball/z/gt, Alexander Louis Armstrong in FMA, Emperor of Darkness in Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, General Juuma‏‎ in Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness‏‎, Odin in Saint Seiya, Emperor Gore in Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo, Vega(m bison(dictator)) in Street Fighter II V and Geobaldi in Outlanders (OAV)

Hanappe Bazooka MangaEdit

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