New Cutey Honey-62

Her DD cups are bigger and dont change size as often as before.

New cutey honey 4

Honey having a Bubble Bath in the intro

In this series, many years have passed and Danbei Hayami is 150 some how and a cyborg based off Mazinger Z. Honey Kisaragi has lost her memories and is now the secretary of Mayor Light and gets her memories back after Chokkei Hayami somehow reawakens her true form...Ai no senshi, Cutey Honey! And fights Dolmeck for the first 4 episodes. The last 4 are a power rangers-like monster of the week thing with cameos from other Go Nagai Manga characters. Some of the concepts of this series are based on the Ken Ishikawa manga (such as the turning of curvy chicks into lesbian monsters).


Episode ListEdit


Despite being a bit formulaic at times and having a lot of fanservice, this series was seen as quite enjoyable. For some reason, many people think it is a adult anime. This is not true as despite the many nude scenes and occasional lesbianism.

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