to quote that black guy in that movie, WHUT iz up with yo eyes?!

Naojiro Abashiri is a big buff guy who's character design was reused in like a 3rd of Go Nagai's cr-p. also hes a robot.

Abashiri FamilyEdit



Abashiri Family males

His eyes still have dat lining around em as a robot.

On Omitsu Abashiri's 10th anniversary, Daemon Abashiri brings his family along... for a bank heist. they bust in and each of them uses their super powers in some way against the Bank President's forces. After the Bank guns open fire, the Bank guy emerges in a cyber pod and declares he has killed the Abashiri's, but Naojiro Abashiri busts out of the rubble AS A ROBOT declaring he is immortal and the Daemon says he is a cyborg(robot except his brain). He shoots everyone up with his arm gun and missiles. After Kikunosuke Abashiri slags the bank guy, they use the cash they jacked to distract the cops. The next day or w/e he and Goemon Abashiri and Kichiza Abashiri spy on Kikunosuke changing(dude, dats yo sister!!) and he hides under a sheet pretending to be furniture(was there furniture there b4? or did he hope she wouldn't notice a new couch?). later he has breakfast with his fam despite being a robot. later he tries to sleep as goemon lusts after his hot sister. after they find out the school is a h-llhole, they go to save her and he and Daemon kill through a buncha guys. they face Danjuro Namakubi, who Naojiro attacks but is tentacled by the geezers hair and asplodes. Don't worry. His head is ok. He's captured by the gang of students and nearly executed until Kichiza saves them.

Cutey HoneyEdit

In the manga theres Sukeban Naoko who's a slightly gender changed version of him(they did very little to make him womanly) but in the anime theres Naojiro Hayami who's Danbei Hayami's nephew.


Naojiro Oyama Shuten Doji OVA 2

Isnt that Ryo Asuka's Shirt? And Ryo Bakura's?

in here he was Naojiro Oyama, the son and future heir of the Daimon Gang, which controls all of Tokyo, and helped Yusuke Shiratori and Jiro Shutendo fight off Kitani and Jawanbokikai. Rikki knocks down Jawanbokikai with Koyayashi's aid and bolts when he gets back up. During the chase, Naojiro Oyama uses a grenade on him and hes not seen for most of the anime. Kitani summons an Oni and they slide down the grass hill like a sonic game. Naojiro gets p-ssed and throws a grenade but it does nothing. Da oni throws a tree and the impact f's up his leg with a big a55 splinter so he cant get away. Naojiro does a kamikaze with a grenade he's holding as the oni grabs him, which blow the oni's arm off at the shoulder (which doesn't make sense as he was holding him in the palm of his hand). so much for being the future heir of the daimon gang. Oh, this happened in Shutendoji OVA 2. He's remembered in ova 4 when they remember those descended from Goki who bit it.

Violence JackEdit


Just like Hokuto No Ken

In one arc the Abashiri Family cast shows up and Naojiro is Kraken who runs a slave camp but was friends with a girl he unknowingly imprisons who's cross dressing as a guy and is also a lesbian who's gf's killer he saved her from(wtf, that's like a bad degrassi ep)


New Cutey Honey in New Cutey Honey OVA 2 for like one scene a guy looking like him walks by.

Naojiro New Cutey Honey OVA 2

But isn't the Naojiro Hayami long dead by now?

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