Miki Makimura
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Kanji 牧村美樹
Romaji Makimura Miki
Series Devilman
Debut Manga:Volume 1
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Akiko Makimura‏‎ (mother)
Kozo Makimura (father)
Tare Makimura (younger brother)
Akira Fudo (boyfriend)
Other Appearances Violence Jack
CB Chara Go Nagai World
Re: Cutey Honey

Miki Makimura was a lifelong friend to Akira Fudo and had a attraction to him, but Akira often failed to notice, or they never admitted their feelings to one another before Miki’s tragic end. It is tragically rare for Miki to get a good ending.


Devilman TVEdit


She is Akira's childhood friend who has feelings for him and likes his new tougher persona(to a point). She never figures out that Akira has sadly died and is possessed by the demon Devilman, until the end of the anime, where she states that demon or no, she loves Akira. Miki is a sweet girl at times but also has a hair-trigger hot temper, and has a strong dislike for Lala from the way she is always hanging around Akira (which she refuses to admit is jealousy). She has a cameo in Re: Cutey Honey for like a few seconds with Akira Fudo.

Miki is voiced by Sumie Sakai in the TV series who was also Yukiko in Dororon Enma-kun‏‎ and Enma's mom in Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up‏‎ (Beatrice Margiotti in the Italian dub).

Devilman Manga/OAVEdit

Miki makimura undies

She is Akira's childhood friend who has feelings for him and likes his new tougher persona. She is jealous of Ryo Asuka thinking Ryo's a chick when Ryo wants Akira to go with him(right after the series showed hermaphrodite Angels. nice foreshadowing) She gets unholy things done to her by a demon at the beach but Akira uses his powers to make her think it was a dream. Near the end of the manga, Miki and her family are killed by crazed townsfolk who think Miki and her family are demons and her head is put on a pole. When Akira finds this he murders everyone there and holds her head in his arms in a memorable scene. After her remains are buried she is remembered by Akira and is alive in Violence Jack.

In Devilman:The Birth and Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene she's voiced by Jun KŌNOMAKI(which is like her only anime role besides CB world) and Larissa MURRAY in the bad eng dub (who was also Cindy in Mad Bull 34 and Dunan in Appleseed)

Violence JackEdit


Here Miki is alive somehow at the start. She worked at the Restaurant King and is Ryo Asuka's Girlfriend. They run away but get caught by the Slum King`s men while having sex. The Slum King removes her arms/legs and after parading them around town in the nude and tied up in an odd position. She still has sex with Ryo despite having no arms/legs. She is kept in the nude on a chain and collar and is repeatedly abused by the Slum King and his dogs. Despite having no limbs, she somehow helps Violence Jack kill the Slum King but is killed during the fight. After the fight, it is revealed that Miki was reincarnated as a dog, which had appeared in human form whilst alive.

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

Miki chibi

In here, she is more comic like everyone in the OAV. She read the Devilman manga offscreen and knows about Akira Fudo's secret identity. she is captured by Gelmer and works with Sirene to help her but when Akira chooses her over Sirene, they (Akira/Miki) run. She knows about Mazinger Z, Kotetsu Jeeg and Grendizer when they go to the Mazinger world and when Akira is killed, she has a shock. At the end of the Chibi OAV, she appears in Violence Jack world thanks to Psycho Jenny and confronts Jack about him being Akira.

Devilman CrybabyEdit

Miki Makimura Crybaby

In this series she is half japanese, half white, and imersurably kind. As we all know, kindness is rarely rewarded in Devilman. She is the love intrest of both Akira and Miko (i guess akira telling satan he killed the person he cared about the most isnt him loving her huh? Bi erasure, die mad bitch [i shouldn't type when i'm drunk]), however, and unfortunately, her feelings for them (i lit say never had a chance to develop for miko dumb ass cry me a river [hold my beer]) are never explicitly stated or had a chance to develop. Miko sacrificed her life to save Miki, to no avail, as Miki was killed. Akira was devastated at her death, breaking down and killing the humans who killed her in a flash of fire.

Devilman vs Getter RoboEdit

Akira and Miki Devilman vs Getter Robo

In here she visits her childhood friend Michiru Saotome with Akira as her bodyguard. He defends her from the Getter Team's lusts and later she an Michiru go to the hot springs at the lab for a nude bath where they playfully feel eachother's b00bs and bodies. Gelgar captures and mo lests em but Akira saves em. Akira puts em to bed nude and when they wake up they are shocked to find they're nude (in a go nagai mANGA?! unthinkable!!) and they kick him out. When the Mechasaurus's attack and go demon, she and Michiru pilot the Getter Queen to help em fight 1 monster, and no nothing else as Sirene attacks with demon mechasaurus powers and the heroes fuse into Devil Getter and beat her. Later they say bye and Akira sez he'd like to meet Kotetsu Jeeg or Iron Muscle. Miki suggests Azteckaiser or Battle Hawk but Akira sez it should be Kekko Kamen as they drive off on Akira's Motorcycle.


  • She has a look alike (or maybe it is her) in Re: Cutey Honey OAV 2 for about a second or 2 with Akira(this is her 70s TV version of her in here)
Miki and akira 70s style re cutey honey oav 2
  • In Berserk Caska is a lot like Miki as both are tough no nonsense females who fall for a tough dark haired warrior who winds up not being able to save her from his Aryan androgynous albino ally with near godly powers.
  • In Yugioh, Tea Gardner/Anzu Mazaki looks and acts kinda similar to Miki as both are tough with similar hair and hot. Oh and their bf is possessed by an ancient thing that makes him go from candya55 to bada55.


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