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QTHoney-02 121

If this were Devilman:The Birth Ryo would say some gay head pun like "heads us" or "way to stay AHEAD"


The mean old teacher of Saint Chapel. She's not well liked, due to her strict ways. At the beginning of the series Miharu-san hates Honey Kisaragi, but near the end she grows more respect for her. After the fall of Saint Chapel, Miharu goes to work at Paradise School. Her nickname is "Histora" or "Histler", which is a pun on the words Histeria (Hisu) and Hitler (Hitoraa) creating Hisutora. In the manga she is killed when the school is destroyed by Panther Claw She is played by Nobuyo Tsuda.

Cutey Honey FEdit

If she's in here, someone who saw it fill this out

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