No, Sedusa from Power Puff Girls ripped THIS off!

Medusa is a Demon from Demon Lord Dante who is the gf of Ryo Utsugi AKA Mao Dante.


someone fill this in. its only 13 eps. its not hard.



She looks a bit like Sayaka and Miyuki... ummm... the chick from shutendoji.

In here, Thousands of years ago, an evil space alien calling itself God attacked the people of Sodom by using His Psychic powers to kill and revive em over and over again as punishment for them not letting him use their bodies. The people's hatred for God allowed them to absorb the energy and evolve into Demons. Dante tried to fight God with a jet fighter, but it was caught by a Pteranodon, which was caught by a Dinosaur, which was then zapped by God's energy, which fused em together by Dante's hatred. God then used power to make the atmosphere rain on Gomorrah and flood the people out. He fought against God but had his body sealed in the Himalayas, and his soul sent into the future to be reborn as a human. Years later, Ryo Utsugi decomes Mao Dante and slags Zenon. Later Medusa reveals Ryo his past about them being demons and Humans actually being apes infected with God's ectoplasm that made them evolve into the humans that rule da urth. Oh and she was zapped by God's psychic power and became Medusa. After Ryo learns about his past from Medusa and decides to fight God to win back da urth. They're last seen on a mountain summoning demons. Man that's sacrilegious. Good thing Christians don't kill people for fiction. Or sue em for outing our secrets.

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