The many different Mecha, Mechanical Beasts, Ghost Mechanical Beasts, Warrior Beasts, Saucer Monsters, Vega Monthers, and others from the Mazinger franchise.

Mazinger ZEdit

Mazinger Z is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series of the same name, created by Go Nagai. Within the story, Mazinger Z was created by Professor Juzo Kabuto and piloted by his grandson Kouji. Mazinger Z is often credited as the first piloted robot, making it the ancestor of the wildly popular mecha genre.


Professor Juzou Kabuto was a brilliant scientist in his own right; during a mining expedition on Mount Fuji, he discovered a new element which he dubbed Japanium. Later, while researching Mediterranean legends of metal giants, one of his colleagues went mad with power and decided to use the ancient Mechanical Beasts to dominate the world. Kabuto only barely survived the newly-renamed Doctor Hell's assassination attempt and hurried back to Japan. There, he devised a defense against the Mechanical Monsters: a giant battle robot that would combine a super-strong alloy of Japanium (dubbed Chogokin Z, or Super Alloy Z) with the Photonic Energy that his friend Professor Yumi had discovered. Since this machine would have power rivaling even a god or devil, Kabuto named it Mazinger Z (from the Japanese words "Ma" (魔), demon, and "Jin" (神), god). Unfortunately, shortly after Mazinger Z's completion, Kabuto was found and murdered by Doctor Hell's hit squad. However, he managed to get word to his grandson Kouji Kabuto, who learned of his grandfather's death and of Mazinger Z. Learning to pilot the giant machine, Kouji swore to defend the Earth in his grandfather's place. Though Mazinger Z would serve Kouji to battle the Mechanical Monsters, he found himself outclassed by the stronger battle beasts unleashed by the Mycene Empire, and Mazinger Z was badly damaged until it was rescued by the Great Mazinger and its pilot, Tetsuya Tsurugi.

Later, the Mycenae Empire revived Doctor Hell and they began a last-ditch assault while the Great Mazinger and Tetsuya were recovering from their final fight with Ankoku Daishogun. Both Kouji and the Mazinger Z returned, stronger than before, to save the Photon Power Plant, but failed to save the Science Fortress. Together with the returned Great Mazinger, Boss Borot, Diana A, and Venus A, the Mycenae were destroyed. Mazinger Z was last seen locked away in the Robot Museum with a Great Mazinger as the Great Mazinger was being taken away to be used against Grendizer.

In the anime Shin Mazinger Impact! Z Chapter, Mazinger is not only created as a response to Dr. Hell's mechanical beasts, but is actually based on Zeus, the great god who had sealed the beasts away in Bardos Island. After escaping from Dr. Hell, Juzo Kabuto apparently spent ten years hiding in his mansion with his grandsons Kouji and Shiro, the former of whom got acquainted with the legends of Zeus by reading books in his grandfather's room. When Baron Ashura begins his attack on the Photon Power Labs and the Kabuto manor, Juuzo sends the Pilder to rescue Kouji and then instructs him on how to dock with Mazinger Z. In this series, Mazinger's resemblance to Zeus is such that Baron Ashura goes into a rage and attacks the robot bare handed, knocking it down before he is reminded by Dr. Hell of his mission to destroy the Photon Power Labs.


  • Power Source
    Photonic Energy
  • Armor Materials
    Super-Alloy Z
  • Dimensions
    • Height
      18 meters
    • Weight
      20 tons
    • Neck Circumference
      5.6 meters
    • Chest Circumference
      13.6 meters
    • Arm Circumference
      5.3 meters
    • Leg Circumference
      6.2 meters
    • Arm Length
      7 meters
    • Leg Length
      9 meters
  • Performance
    • Walking Speed
      50 kilometers per hour
    • Running Speed
      360 kilometers per hour
    • Swimming Speed
      20 knots
    • Flight Speed
      Mach 3
    • Ceiling
      630 meters
    • Maximum Lift
      150 tons
    • Output
      65,000 horsepower

Weapons and AttacksEdit

  • Koushiryoku Beam
    Mazinger Z can channel pure Photonic Energy through its eyes, unleashing a pair of powerful lasers, which are said to be equal to 10 tons of explosives. This was originally considered Mazinger Z's weakest attack, however, in Shin Mazinger Z the power of this attack is greatly magnified to the point where it can now be considered the strongest.
  • Missile Punch
    Mazinger Z mounts a missile launch bay in its belly, which can store several missiles.
  • Rocket Punch
    Mazinger Z's signature attack; it fires off its forearm like a missile, punching straight through an enemy before returning and docking with the elbow again.
  • Rust Hurricane
    The powerful turbines in Mazinger Z's head create gale-force winds, launching them through the mouth grill. The attack includes highly corrosive particles (thought to be ionized hydrogen), almost instantaneously causing an enemy to rust over and fall apart. This is the only weapon in Mazinger Z's arsenal which can damage Super-alloy Z, for example when and enemy (Rhine X1) reverse it against Mazinger with a blow of her giant fan. As requested by her pilot Sayaka Yumi, it has been also used as a funeral ceremony to destroy completely Aphrodite A, that has been reduced in pieces after have shielded Mazinger from a deadly attack.
  • Breast Fire
    The large red fins on Mazinger Z's chest act as heat sinks for its Photonic Energy reactor. Mazinger Z can fire off this stored thermal energy as a powerful, 30,000 degree white-hot beam that melts almost anything. In the Super Robot Wars series, Kouji and Tetsuya Tsurugi can use the Breast Fire and Breast Burn respectively in the Double Burning Fire attack.
  • Kyoukagata Rocket Punch
    Mazinger Z's Rocket Punch was later reinforced with stronger armor, giving it a more powerful punch. This attack first appears in episode 54.
  • Iron Cutter
    An improved Rocket Punch in which each forearm sprouts a pair of axe-like blades, allowing it to cut and slash as well as bludgeon. This weapon first premiers in episode 59.
  • Drill Missile
    A barrage of small, needle-like missiles fired from ports in Mazinger's upper arms. This attack was typically performed after the Rocket Punch but before the forearm had returned. This weapon first premiered in episode 60.
  • Daisharin Rocket Punch
    Mazinger Z spins its arms rapidly, building up momentum before firing off both fists in standard Rocket Punch fashion. This weapon first premiered in episode 72.
  • Reitou Beam
    Mazinger unleashes a blast of intense cold; this attack was alternately fired from the mouth grill or the spikes on the sides of Mazinger's head. It first premiered in episode 71.
  • Finger Missile
    A rarely-used attack where Mazinger fires the last joint of its fingers as miniature missiles. First used in episode 6.

Jet Scrander and Jet Scrander WeaponsEdit

  • Jet Scrander
    First appearing in episode 34, the Jet Scrander, Mazinger Z is given the ability to fly, giving it a defense against aerial enemies. When needed, it is launched from a catapult in the Photonic Research Lab and flies to Mazinger's location. In some cases Mazinger Z will run and jump into the air to meet it, in other cases it will slow and approach a stationary Mazinger Z. The docking is accompanied by the command "Scrander Cross!"
    • Wingspan
      12.8 meters
    • Weight
      1 metric ton
    • Maximum Velocity
      Mach 3
    • Maximum Altitude
      20,000 meters
  • Jet Scrander's Weapons
    • Scrander Cutter
      The wings of the Jet Scrander are strong and sharp enough to be used as blades.
    • Southern Cross Knife
      Contained Within the Jet Scrander's wings are shuriken which can be fired as missiles. This weapon first premiered in episode 73.

Hover PilederEdit

  • Hover Pileder
    The control center of Mazinger Z, the Hover Pileder is a small, lightly armed flying hovercraft with outboard VTOL fans at the ends of its wings, that folds and lands inside the head of Mazinger Z (unfortunately, when Sayaka tried to control Mazinger Z in Episode 52, her unfamiliarity with the controls led to the wings being clipped). When it makes a link with the giant robot, its pilot yells, "Pileder On!" When the Hover Pileder is destroyed, it is replaced by the Jet Pileder, which had more normal wings and a single VTOL fan in the center of its underside, which allows it to dock with the Mazinger Z while the latter is on its back (Kouji would use this to his advantage in the finale of Great Mazinger, after two failed attempts to dock normally due to Warrior Beast interference).
    • Length
      5.6 meters
    • Width
      3.2 meters
    • Height
      3 meters
    • Weight
      260 kilograms
    • Maximum Altitude
      10,500 meters
    • Ascent Speed
      120 kilometers per hour
    • Maximum Speed
      Mach 3
    • Output
      20,000 horsepower
  • Pileder Weapons and Equipment
    • Pileder Beam
      Both the Hover Pileder and the Jet Pileder were equipped with a laser beam weapon.
    • Pileder Missile
      The Hover and Jet Pileder could fire a pair of side recessed missiles.
    • Emergency raft
      The Hover Pileder had a hatch in the center of its underside that could drop a self-inflating life raft. The Jet Pileder's VTOL engine was in this position, and there was never indication that the Jet Pileder carried a raft in some other way.

God ScranderEdit

  • God Scrander
    Seen in the first episode of Shin Mazinger, the God Scrander like all "Scranders" attaches to the back of Mazinger giving it the power of flight. In addition to this, it also has three giant fingers that, together with Mazinger Z's arms, form a fist when closed which forms the basis of the Big Bang Punch. After docking, the command "Open Wing!" makes the God Scrander open its wings and unfurl its fingers.
  • God Scrander Weapons
    • Big Bang Punch
      Big Bang Punch is literally the fist of Zeus. It is a glowing gold fist formed by God Scrander's fingers curling around Mazinger Z which is then rammed into opponent. The true strength of this attack has yet to be revealed, although in the first episode, it is shown as strong enough to seriously cripple the Gool and even threatened the giant sized Great General of Darkness.

Aphrodite AEdit

Aphrodite A (アフロダイA|Afurodai Ēsu)), sometimes romanized as Aphrodai A, is a female mecha from the Mazinger Z anime and manga series, created by Go Nagai. It was the first giant robot in the genre to resemble the female anatomy. She was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The robot was created by Dr. Yumi, Dr. Kabuto's apprentice, and since it was originally built for peaceful uses at first it didn't feature any weapons; eventually it acquires the ability to fire missiles from its chest, this was called the Oppai Missile System (Oppai is a Japanese slang term for breasts). Due to the fact it was made of a weaker varient of Super Alloy Z it usually suffers substantially greater damage from attacks. Regardless of these shortcomings, in several opportunities she provides help in battle, and even destroys three Mechanical Beasts in the anime, Gumbina M5, Yubrin T9, and Giant F3. Her missiles also cause the unintentional destruction of Minerva X.

In episode 32, her infamous breast missiles win Mazinger a battle, when Mazinger was unable to destroy the aerial monster Gelbros J3. Sayaka was infuriated when she discovered her robot had, without her consent, been equipped with supersized breast missiles that totally ruined the elegant lines of Aphrodite. Kouji used these modified missiles to give Mazinger Z enough thrust to fly, and forced the enemy to land. Sayaka usually finds support in Boss and his Boss Borot, since Kouji always diminishes their mechas for their lack of weapons and attacks and refers to them as nuisances rather than effective help. In fact, Aphrodite and Borot can be seen in many chapters being trashed together by the mechanical monsters. However, many times he has to acknowledge their importance; such as when Dr. Hell almost takes over the Photonic Research Institute, it is Aphrodite and Borot who stop his infantry from actually entering the building. Aphrodite was once piloted by Kouji in episode 52 after Kouji and Sayaka have a fight and during battle she refuses to help him. As a result, he is severely hurt and comes close to death. Full of regret, Sayaka is willing to risk her own life to defeat arison M1, but Aphrodite is no match to the powerful monster, so she decides to pilot Mazinger. When Kouji realizes this, he takes control of Aphrodite to aid Sayaka, who was losing the fight against the evil mecha. In his way to the place where they were fighting, he complains on how slow the lady robot is. With no time to switch robots the usual way, they make an acrobatic jump to each other's robot and finally the monster is destroyed. In episode 74, Aphrodite A is destroyed by Archduke Gorgon's monster, Harpia Π7, to save Mazinger from its deadly electrified feathers. This causes Sayaka a lot of grief since she misses her robot and even has visions of her in one chapter, and she also feels the need to help in battle again. Afterward, a somewhat improved female robot called Diana A is built to replace her in her role as Mazinger's companion.

In the Shin Mazinger Z reboot of the series, Aphrodite A is first seen in the second episode where Sayaka saves Kouji from a Tauros that is chasing him and Shiro. While it is able to hold its own at first, once the Tauros transform into the Mechanical Beasts Garada K7 and Doublas M2, Aphrodite A is immediately outclassed as it is immediately crippled by Garada K7. It is later revealed that Aphrodite A in this version is made only from regular Alloy Z not the Super Alloy Z of Mazinger, however this is enough that Sayaka considers her robot to be Mazinger's younger sister.

Machine SpecificationsEdit

  • Height: 16 meters
  • Weight: 18 tons
  • Chest Circumference: 9 meters
  • Running Speed: 200 kilometers/hour
  • Jump Height: 10 meters
  • Maximum Lift: 90 tons
  • Energy Source: Photonic Energy (Japanese: 光子力エネルギー Koushiryoku Energy)
  • Construction: Super Alloy Z (Japanese: 超合金Z cho-gokin Z)

Minerva XEdit

Minerva X is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series Mazinger Z, created by Go Nagai. Within the story, Minerva X was designed by Professor Juzou Kabuto, but its plans were stolen and it was built by Doctor Hell. Minerva X only appeared in episode 38 of that series. She was named after Minerva, the Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom.

Designed many years ago by Professor Juzou Kabuto, Minerva X was intended to be a partner to his greatest creation Mazinger Z. As such, Minerva X has a highly similar body design to Mazinger, as well as having many common weapons. However, the plans for this machine were stolen by Doctor Hell, who later built it in an attempt to destroy Mazinger Z. Unfortunately for Hell, Minerva X's artificial intelligence made it totally loyal to Mazinger, and it quickly defected to the Photonic Labs' team. However, the AI in Minerva made it view Mazinger in a romantic light, causing it to become very jealous and resentful of Sayaka Yumi's Aphrodite A, another "lady robot". Sayaka herself was quite scared and even disturbed by this fact. In the meantime, Doctor Hell sent Archerian J5 to eliminate Minerva, as it was no longer any use to him. During the ensuing battle, Minerva took damage that caused it to lose its "conscience", making it go berserk. Professor Yumi hurriedly worked on a way to bring Minerva back under control, but Kouji had to stop her from destroying the city. He first attempts to restrain Minerva, but when it attempts to destroy a nuclear plant, Sayaka is forced to attack, mortally damaging it. Mazinger Z is installed with Professor Yumi's control system, restoring Minerva's consciousness just before it dies in Mazinger's arms. Afterwards, Kouji and Sayaka give Minerva a burial at sea, hoping that it will rest in peace.


In Professor Kabuto's original designs, Minerva X was planned to use the same Photonic Energy reactor and Super-Alloy Z as Mazinger Z. However, since Doctor Hell lacked these technologies, the version of Minerva X that was actually built used inferior materials. Had it been built to specifications, Minerva might have been an equal for Mazinger in terms of combat performance.

  • Power Source: Atomic Energy; Planned to be Photonic Energy
  • Armor Materials: Super Steel; Planned to be Super-Alloy Z
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 18 meters
    • Weight: 18 tons
    • Chest Circumference: 10 meters
  • Performance
    • Walking Speed: 50 km/h
    • Running Speed: 360 km/h
    • Swimming Speed: 20 knots
    • Length of Step: 6.8 meters
    • Maximum Jump Distance: 20 meters

Weapons and AttacksEdit

  • Koushiryoku Beam (Photonic Beam): Like Mazinger Z, Minerva X can fire beams of energy from its eyes. However, since the version of Minerva X that was actually built lacked a Photonic reactor, the actual composition of its eye beams is unknown.
  • Breast Fire: Again like Mazinger, Minerva's red chest fins acted as giant heat sinks, which could also release the stored thermal energy in a powerful blast. Interestingly, Minerva X was unable to stand the heat generated by Mazinger Z; if the two came too close, Minerva would emit coolant from its eyes, giving it the appearance of crying.
  • Rocket Punch: Identical to Mazinger's attack.
  • Rust Hurricane: During Dr. Hell's tests, Minerva is shown from the back using her rust hurricane on dummy mechanical beasts. However, she does not make use of this attack during the rest of the chapter.

Boss BorotEdit

Boss Borot (ボスボロット Bosu Borotto) is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series Mazinger Z, first premiering in episode 48. Within the story, Boss Borot was created by three engineers from the Photon Power Laboratory and piloted by Boss and his cohorts Mucha and Nuke. Boss Borot (and Boss himself) serve as the comic relief in Mazinger Z, a role they would continue to play through the Mazinger timeline, reappearing in Great Mazinger, Grendizer, the OVA Mazinkaiser and Shin Mazinger Z. The latter part of its name comes from the Japanese phrase for "crumbling" (ボロボロ boro-boro) in reference to its construction from scrap metal.

Boss was the bully at the local high school attended by Mazinger pilot Kouji Kabuto and his best friend/romantic interest Sayaka Yumi. Jealous of the fact that Kouji got to be so close to Sayaka with whom Boss had been friends for quite a while already, and that he was honored as a hero for saving the day with Mazinger Z all the time, Boss hatched a plan. He and his friends Mucha and Nuke sneaked into the Photon Power Laboratory and used toy guns to hold some engineers hostage, ordering them to build him a robot so he could be a hero too. Unfortunately for Boss, the engineers did not have much to work with. As a result, his self-named Boss Borot ended up being made from scrap metal. Regardless of its obvious flaws, Boss would use Borot throughout the battles with Doctor Hell's minions, gradually learning to respect Kouji and becoming a valued member of the Mazinger team. Even as the group changed over the years, Boss would remain a member of the team, aiding Tetsuya Tsurugi in his battles with the Mikene Empire and even showing up to help Duke Freed fight the Vegans twice.


  • Height: 12 meters
  • Weight: 95 tons
  • Running Speed: 120 km/h
  • Output: 12,000 horsepower
  • Armor Materials: Scrap metal

Weapons and AccessoriesEdit

Though it fights alongside Mazinger Z and its allies, Boss Borot does not have the same weapons commonly associated with members of the Mazinger family. Instead, Borot primarily uses a combination of basic physical attacks and occasional use of impromptu weapons. However, Borot's main weapon is Boss's dedication to his friends and his willingness to stand up to vastly superior enemies. Unlike the other Mazinger robots, Boss has no special vehicle to board the Borot and simply climbs into the cockpit through the openings in its "mouth".

  • Ball and chain: Apparently taken from a wrecker.
  • An imitation of Mazinger Z's Rust Hurricane.
  • Borot Pressure Punch: an attempt to mimic and surpass Great Mazinger's Drill Pressure Punch.
  • Borot Chain Attack: This weapon, essentially a length of chain with a lasso-like loop at the end, was used by Borot in the Mazinkaiser movie. Using this "weapon", Boss was able to kill Archduke Gorgon, the Mycene soldier who had been sent to assassinate Kouji.
  • Borot Hissatsu Hip Attack: Used in the Mazinkaiser OVA, this attack consists of Borot flinging itself, rear end-first, at the enemy.
  • Borot Rolling Crush: Used immediately after the Hip Attack, Borot spins around rapidly, tearing up the ground and anything in its path (as well as making Boss very dizzy). This attack was used to get rid of Dr. Hell's footsoldiers who stood between Kouji and the Kaiser Pilder.
  • Borot Homerun: A combination attack between Boss Borot and Shiro's mech, the Robot Junior. The Borot attempts to throw a baseball for Shiro to bat at the enemies. Instead the Borot's head is thrown, with the ball replacing it on the Borot's body. Upon contact, the Borot's head flies into the distance, leaving an explosion behind. In Super Robot Wars J, this attack became a standalone move for the Borot only.
  • Borot Dynamic Special: An attack exclusive to the Super Robot Wars series of games, this involves Boss throwing a variety of objects at an enemy, including grenades, rocks, and a giant boulder, before hitting it with a shot from a slingshot and causing a huge explosion capable of destroying an entire group of enemies. The name is in reference to the Final Dynamic Special, a common combination attack between Getter Robo G (or sometimes Shin Getter) and Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger (with Grendizer added in games where it is present), which was based on the attack used to destroy Dragonosaurus in one of the Mazinger Movies. Surprisingly, this is generally treated as a disproportionately overpowered attack, usable after movement (though it has short range and is limited to one shot), and is on par with some of the strongest attacks in the game - because, when customizing the weapon, it gains more attack power than any other. In Super Robot Wars K, the Borot would rush at the enemy, just to trip over a rock, ejecting the head towards said enemy, which hits multiple times; at the end, Borot puts his head back, and punches the foe. If it's a Dynamic Kill, he will pose after the punch, with the foe exploding, making Borot's body explode; the head still survives, and a bolt falls comically over it. Super Robot Wars Z features two different version of the attack: an anti-ground variant in which Borot replaces its feet with torpedoes and crashes into the enemy (based on a scene from Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness), and an in-air variant in which Borot dresses like a magician (inspired by Dororon Enma-kun) and fires a beam from a magic wand.
  • Borot Spazer: In his typical fashion, Boss was impressed by Grendizer and sought to outdo Duke. To this end, he devised the Borot Spazer, an attempt to surpass the Spazer. However, given Boss's limited resources, the Borot Spazer ended up a comical contraption held aloft by a helicopter-style rotor, and it fell to pieces by the end of the episode.

Diana AEdit

Diana A (ダイアナンA Daianan Ēsu) is a female mecha from the Mazinger Z anime and manga series, created by Go Nagai. It was the successor of Aphrodite A after its destruction. She was named after Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting.

After Aphrodite A's demise, it was necessary to build a new robot to help Mazinger Z fight the enemy. Unlike her predecessor, Diana is conceived with this in mind by Dr. Yumi and his fellow scientists, and is better adapted to battle. However, she is still a symbol of peace, and her weapons are not as powerful as Mazinger's. She features the characteristic Oppai Missile System and can fire Scarlet Beams from her eyes. Whereas Aphrodite A had a rather softer presence and a warmer color scheme, Diana had a tougher presence and a colder color scheme. In contrast to Aphrodite, Diana has a human face, a characteristic that would be seen again in Venus A, Great Mazinger's female companion.

Diana fights alongside Mazinger and Boss Borot from her first appearance in episode 76 until the end of the series. Despite being a tougher machine than her predacessor, she often suffers great damage in battle. However, her Scarlet Beams prove to be effective in many situations. These beams seem to be similar to Mazinger's Photonic rays, but they are pink instead of yellow. In the movie Mazinger Z Vs. The Great General of Darkness, her participation is rather short; her weapons are useless against the powerful Warrior Beasts and ends up split in two by Dante's discus. Ironically is thanks to her missiles that the same monster is destroyed; in an attempt to help Koji, who was outnumbered by the Mikene monsters, Borot flies to the battlefield with two of Diana's missiles attached to his feet and hits Dante with his guard down, blowing him into pieces.

Machine SpecificationsEdit

  • Height: 16 meters
  • Weight: 18 tons
  • Chest Circumference: 10 meters
  • Running Speed: 200 kilometers/hour
  • Jump Height: 15 meters
  • Maximum Lift: 120 tons
  • Energy Source: Photonic Energy (Japanese: 光子力エネルギー Koushiryoku Energy)
  • Construction: Super Alloy Z (Japanese: 超合金Z cho-gokin Z)

Venus AEdit

Venus A (ビューナスA Byūnasu Ēsu) is a female mecha from the Great Mazinger anime and manga series, created by Go Nagai. She plays the traditional role of the lady robot that helps the mazinger robot fight the enemy. She was named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

The robot was created by Dr. Kenzo Kabutom son of Juzo Kabuto and father of Koji and Shiro Kabuto, and piloted by Jun Hono. When the Mikenese Armies prove too strong for Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger enters the scene and Venus is its companion in battle, together with Boss Borot. Despite the improvement Venus represents compared to Aphrodite A and Diana A, and being quite capable in combat, she usually suffers more damage than Great Mazinger, as was the case with Aphrodite and Diana compared to Mazinger. She appears from the first to the last chapter of the Great Mazinger TV series, when Mazinger and Diana return to help them defeat the enemy.

Venus A returns in the Mazinkaiser OVAs. In this case, there are two versions of her, one of them is more stylized, piloted by Sayaka Yumi after Aphrodite A is destroyed, and the other one (piloted by Jun) is more similar to the classic one. The first Mazinkaiser Venus is infected with a virus by Drago Ω1, a mechanical beast, in one of the OVAs and mutates into a Medusa version, becoming evil and attacking Mazinkaiser and the institute. In this state, Venus operates without pilot and has several snakes coming out of her head, but instead of heads they only have a big eye that fires beams. Eventually, she has to be destroyed since she can't be turned back to her former self. The second Venus, more similar to the classical one, appears briefly in the Mazinkaiser vs. The Great General of Darkness OVA, defending the city of Sidney from the Warrior Beasts and General Ardias, but is defeated and torn to pieces by him. Venus A also appears in Shin Mazinger, this version of her looks to be a cross between her Mazinkaiser and Mazinger Angels versions.


Venus is substantially more powerful than either Aphrodite or Diana, though her power could be compared to Minerva X's. Aside from being made of a special alloy, Venus has the following characteristics:

  • Oppai missiles
  • Photon beams
  • Venus Scrander (similar to Mazinger's, it was a separate machine that could be attached to Venus' body and allowed her to fly)
  • Finger missiles

Machine SpecificationsEdit

  • Height: 20 meters
  • Weight: 23 tons
  • Running Speed: 300 kilometers/hour
  • Energy Source: Photonic Energy
  • Construction: Super Alloy Z

Robot JuniorEdit

Robot Junior is a mecha piloted by Kabuto Shiro in the manga and anime Great Mazinger that first premiered in episode 25. The robot resembles a little boy in a baseball jersey, and the "docking vehicle" that Shiro pilots to connect with it is shaped like a baseball cap. Robot Junior's special attacks include "Iron Batter", a parody of both Mazinger Z's "Iron Cutter" special attack and Great Mazinger's "Mazinger Blade" special attack, in which an iron baseball bat shoots out of Robot Junior's shoulder, which Robot Junior can catch and wield as a weapon. In Super Robot Wars D Robot Junior and Boss Borat have Combination attack where Robot Junior take the bat and Boss Borat holds out a Tee ball for Robot Junior to hit but misses and Hits Boss Borat's head off turning it into a projectile.

Mazinger ArmyEdit

The Mazinger Army is a corps composed of three robots made out of Alloy Z that appear in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, and attempt to battle against the invasion of the Mycenae Empire. Despite managing to hold the Warrior Beasts back for a short time, all three of the mecha and their pilots are destroyed at the hands of the Mycenae Empire's Seven Generals. They also appear in the manga version of Mazinkaiser, with slightly modified body structures, such as Million Alpha's thrusters are designed differently and Daion Gamma having legs as opposed to the legless, and seem to be relatively more resistant to attacks compared to the OVA versions. The Mazinger Army makes another appearance in Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, where they are working alongside Aphrodite A and help Mazinger Z in battle. They are shown being destroyed in the non-standard first episode, scenes which are repeated in the opening of the series. In Episode 21 however, they are shown in newly-upgraded robots and in mass production.

  • Million Alpha is piloted by Lori and Loru. Despite being part of the Mazinger Army, it does not even have a passing resemblance to Mazinger Z. It has the ability to fly at high speeds and fire beams from a special device located behind its face. The Million Alpha can also use its spike-like arms in melee combat. The cockpits for the twin sisters were placed in the chest of the robot, in a similar way to Marquis Yanus's robot. In the Mazinkiser vs The Dark General OVA, both Lori and Loru die piloting the mecha when they are crushed to death by General Birdler in their cockpits, but they also destroy the flying fortress Mikeros when they ram the general into the vessel and self-destruct.
  • Baion Beta is a skinny-looking mecha whose primary attack is Rust Hurricane, an attack from the original Mazinger that used gale force winds to reduce an enemy to dust. Unlike Mazinger Z's version, Baion Beta's Rust Hurricane came from a grate in its stomach, which resembled Mazinger's mouthplate. It appeared to be far more agile than the original Mazinger, but was also far less durable. It is destroyed by General Julius Caesar in Egypt when it was beheaded along with its pilot.
  • Daion Gamma was a heavily built mecha with a Mazinger-style face and no legs (instead having powerful hovering thrusters). Its primary attack was Breast Fire, the original Mazinger's most powerful attack. Unlike the original version (which came from the heat sinks on Mazinger Z's chest), Daion Gamma opened its chest armour to reveal four heat sinks shaped like Mazinger's. Though this suggested its firepower is greater than even Mazinger, it did not seem very maneuverable. Destroyed by General Draydou in China with his fire breath.

Mechanical Beasts and Ghost Mechanical BeastsEdit

Mechanical Beasts were the monsters and evil mecha from the manga and anime series Mazinger Z. During an expedition to the Greek island of Bardos, ruins of the ancient Mikenese Empire are found. Among these ruins, the expedition team discovers wrecked giant automata that once served the inhabitants of the island as protection against invaders. Amazed by them, they rebuild them, without noticing that one of the scientists in the team, Dr. Hell, had secretly implanted remote control devices on the machines. Seeking to use them to achieve his dream of world domination, Dr. Hell commands his newly acquired golems to kill the entire staff of the expedition so that he can prepare his next steps without obstacles. The robots succeeded in slaughtering all the scientists (by burning them with fire they spat from their mouths) but one, Dr. Juzo Kabuto, who escapes as he hears Hell's promise to find him and kill him. These are the beasts that appear, sometimes repeatedly, throughout the manga, anime TV series, Mazinger OVAs and Mazinkaiser OVAs. Some of the names may vary according to the translation. Even though technically some of them are not mechanical beasts but warrior beasts (such as Gusios and Elefans), they are listed here since they appeared in the Mazinger series and are usually grouped as mechanical beasts. At episode 68 the Mechanical Beasts are given organic parts from the Mikene Empire thanks to Archduke Gorgon and are referred to as Ghost Mechanical Beasts.

Manga OnlyEdit

  • Deathkiller G7:
  • Dogura S1 / Magura F2: Reappear in Shin Mazinger.
  • Dorugos Β5:
  • Evil Boss B9:
  • Phobiaking S1:
  • Goukyuun U5: Armed with a bow and a set of arrows capable of piercing through Super Alloy Z. Reappears in episode 24 of Shin Mazinger.
  • Grogos G5: Has numerous compartments on the surface of its body in order to contain human hostages; can fire beams. Reappears in episode 24 with weapons replaced with a pincer claw for the right hand and missiles for the left hand without hostages.
  • Mario N7: Powers include extendable arms and murder android manipulation through radiation waves from the fingers. Reappears in episode 13 of Shin Mazinger.
  • Naider V1:


Chapter Beast(s) Weapons
01 / 02 Garada K7 / Doublas M2 Twin boomerang scythes, eye socket missiles, extensible arms (K7), combinable heat beams, electric discharge, extensible necks (M2)
03 Gromazen R9 Heat rays from the ears, extensible arms with blades, finger missiles
04 Guyer Q5 Electromagnetic field, projectile resistant armor, electromagnetic bolts from the antennae
05 KingDan X10 Optical illusions, sword lightning bolts, lightning summon
06 Zaila / Danchel Flexible drill horns, finger missiles, abdomen missiles, projectile resistant armor, eye bolts (Zaila), Liquid oxygen from the tail, jumping, iron mask storage, electrified horn (Danchel)
07 Ozones B3 Two acid guns in the torso, an eye heat ray, abdomen missiles
08 Abdora U6 Eye heat bolts, accordion spring legs
09 Demos F3 Controlled body assembly and dis-assembly, three missile launchers in the skull, head blades, flight by blade rotation
10 Dayan N4 Detachable remote controlled arms, super strength
11 Brighton J2 Pectoral light rays, belt shurikens, scalp missiles
12 Bicong O9 Immobilizing sonic waves from the mouth, head horns, a chained mace in the right arm.
13 Goronko S2 Retractable limbs, snowball disguise, melting fire cannons, blizzard cannon, a sword, sword cannon, flight
14 Spartan K5 Trident, left arm anti-heat shield, hurricane winds from spinning its trident, high jumping
15 Chigul E7 / Gorias W3 Scythe arms, dual pectoral drills, swimming (E7), Electrified heat whip, beam and heat resistant armor, electric right finger bolts (W3)
16 Balcan P5 Tornado spawned from the legs, two glue bombs on the head, arm missiles, dual abdomen missiles
17 Holzon V3 Swimming, burrowing, a drill in its head, electricity resistant armor, energy discs from the face on its chest, dual pectoral drills, dual knee drills
18 Glossam X2 Giant head scissors, swimming, three torpedo launchers in the torso, mouth ink clouds
19 Devila X1 Can conceal itself in a cloud, flight, x-ray camera in the abdomen, purple eye lightning bolts, beam resistant armor
20 Stronger T4 Tornadoes and hurricane force winds from the turbine in the torso, extendable tentacle arms, swimming
21 Wainder A2 Flight, three shields in the abdomen, electric discharge, shoulder missiles
22 Balanger M1 / M2 Being electric homing mines (M1), swimming, spiked ball form, emits electricity that will amplify in water
23 Damdam L2 Flight, detachable wheels later armed with spikes, a drill in each wheel, mouth bolts
24 Jinrai S1 Flight up to mach 5, abdomen bombs, shoulder missiles, antennae electric bolts
25 Aeros B1 / B2 / B3 Flight, heat resistance (all three), head spike (B1), long range attack rechanneling (B2), pink energy bolts from the hands (B3)
26 Daima U5 Flight, mouth missiles, pincer claws on the head, right arm electric whip, drill left hand, dual torso missiles, armor
27 Belgas V5 Controlled dismemberment with each part of the body capable of flying and operating independently, sound waves from the face on the torso, a drill in the head, two spikes in each foot
28 Hogas D5 Flight, armor with resistances to electricity, projectiles, and beams, eye rays, electric bolts from the twin head antennae, swimming, mouth electric torpedoes, sonic rings from the torso that cause tsunamis
29 Grengus C3 Steel cannon balls attached to the arms by chains, a solar powered remote controlled latching disc on its head that can heat up to 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit called a thermodisc, swimming, projectile resistance
30 Brutus M3 Twin decomposing rays from its pectoral diamonds used for energy, a left hand sickle, a melting cyclone ray from the mouth, fog from the mouth
31 Megaron P1 / P2 / P3 Flight, paralyzing electromagnetic bolts from the antennae, twin extensible proboscises that can shock whatever they touch, drill arms, eye beams, heat resistance
32 Gelbros J3 Flight, acid from the green head, electric mouth bolts from the blue head, eye rays from the red head that can later cancel out force fields
33 Baras K9 Flight, launchable spikes from the fin on its back, rotating spikes on the arms and legs, torso missiles, blinding slime from the mouth
34 Genocider F9 Flight, a pair of 6-tube missile launchers at the neck, four missile launchers in each wing near the head, palm missiles, four rockets on the belt, underside rockets on the wings at the feet, launchable arms, battering scalp cone
35 Deathma A1 Hurricane force winds from the mouth, hallucinatory rays from the eyes from the face on in its back, eye energy rays, projectile resistance
36 Glanada E3 Swimming, a large tail used for bashing, strong jaws, two small nuclear warheads developed inside the body, an interior form capable of flight and has a missile launcher in each eye
37 Rockron Q9 Invisibility, detachable heads, flight, a 10-tube missile launcher in the torso, explosive mouth acid, swimming, beam resistance
38 Archerian J5 Flight, eye beams, bow and arrow
39 Zarigan G8 Electric bolts from the antennae swimming, four fin torpedoes
40 Grader F3 Flight, detachable head, neck hole missiles, mouth electric beam, belt missiles
41 Kirma K5 Flight, pendulum blade axe, abdomen missiles that can cancel out energy barriers, eye beams hot enough to create heavily charged cumulonimbus clouds, projectile resistance, detection of the weakest points in metal objects, beam resistance
42 Deltan V8 Nose drill missiles, head blade, constricting tongue, twin back missiles, detachable electric whip tail that can regenerate if destroyed, swimming, immune to radar detection, projectile resistance, blinding gas from the head
43 Jairon J1 Shield, a lance that can electrify itself up called a thermolance, petrifying eye rays, helicopter blades with a hand that gives flight
44 Rood R2 Remote controlled helmet with solar energy storage that uses it as a heat beam from the abdomen, knee missiles, swimming, flight, extensible pectoral arms, projectile resistance
45 Bazila F7 Seven electromagnetic plates, five missile launchers in the torso, shoulder missiles, swimming, scalp ax
46 Blazas S1 / S2 Athletic skills, abdomen and shoulder missiles, forearm blades (both), bomb, swimming (S1 only), throwing knife (S2 only)
47 Mandora M3 / Basara Q5 Swimming, alligator mouth with electric teeth, detachable constricting tail, three torpedo launchers in the mouth, flight, twin head energy rays (M3) twin head missile launchers, talons, electric claws, flight, electric needles from the mouth (Q5)
48 Kajimofu T7 Jets on the soles that allow walking on water and high jumping, head missile tube, palm electric beams, projectile resistance
49 Gumbina M5 Mouth acid, hypnotic ray rings from the eyes on its chest, dual extensible head tentacles with energy absorbing
50 Briver A3 Head sonic barrier, shoulder rays, detachable body parts, abdomen missiles, flight, bladed shoulders
51 Dagan G3 Swimming, head horn gravity bolts, disintegrating eye lasers
52 Bazuson M1 Sharp and beam resistant mantis claws, explosive eye lasers, a boomerang-like buzzsaw in each shoulder
53 Faizar V1 Illusions, flight, eye beams, explosive slicing abdomen discs, emitting electrical interference, tiny duplicate, beam resistance
54 Jeiser J1 Turtle shell, combining eye beams from the three heads, a saw-like fan in the torso, flight
55 Blogun G3 Blizzard winds from the mouth, launchable arms, flight, using its arms like drills, snow suction in the abdomen, a hidden drill in the neck, heat resistance
56 Satan Claus P10 / Yubrin T9 Flight sled, 3-tube missile launcher whip, sled blades, twin missiles from sled (P10) Large bisecting drill, flight, helmet lantern beam (T9)
57 Balmos Q7 Japanium armor that rivals Super Alloy Z, 8-tube rocket launcher in the abdomen, force field canceling eye beams, flight, remote electric helmet
58 / 59 Titan G9 Spiked club armed with a bomb, swimming, 100 meter height, heavy toga
58 Giant F3 Toothy scooper claw arms, tank treads, swimming, eye heat rays, projectile resistance, 100 meter height
60 Descross V9 Flight, four pendulum blades that act as helicopter blades, whip tail
61 River F9 / Rhine X1 Flight, shoulder missiles, dual pectoral drills (F9) Head whip, projectile resistance, 4-tube missile launcher in the abdomen, energy resistance, a fan in the torso face strong enough to repel the Rust Hurricane
62 Nitan 03 Scythe, swimming, flight, remote controlled head blade, twin electric lasers in the abdomen
63 Fangas B7 Flight, extensible giant shovel claw, upper half capable of withdrawing, twin missile cannons
64 Devil Chief A7 Super Ally Z boomerangs stored in the abdomen, dual right hand rockets, 4-barreled heat laser cannon for left hand, flight
65 Marion P3 Imitation iron cutters armed with disintegration rays from the mouths, projectile resistance, head rocket, high jumping, heat resistance
66 Jenoba M9 Tornado encase, semi-automatic sniper rifle with a pistol mode, energy resistance, flight
67 Mondos Q3 Swimming, five metal head tentacles, human spy named Erika, explosive eye lasers, white mouth fire balls
68 Skeleton O7 Flight, reformation, ultra sonic screech, projectile resistance
68/69 Gusios βIII Swimming, ultra hot mouth flames, trident tail that emits electricity, high jumping, eye lasers, immunity to radar, can eat metals for energy, energy resistance
70 Minos Μ7 Swimming, gliding skirt, teleportation, antler sonic waves, shurikens from the back of the neck, mouth bombs
71 Unicorn Σ2 Electric horn that emits bolts and shocks, triple repelling rays in the neck, hurricane gusting back wings, flight, armor
72 Apollo A1 Shoulder and neck flames that allow melting touches and resist the Rust Hurricane, swimming, heat waves, cold resistance, mouth flames and fire balls, energy absorption through the mouth, heat barrier, can become a fire ball
73 Kentol Γ7 Machine possessing beam from its three horns, lance, shields, flight, projectile resistance
74 Harpia Π7 Flight, mouth missiles, frontal wing razor feathers, explosive breast bolts, foot tractor beams, ultra sharp talons, eye electric bolts
75 Serpenter Ι6 Extensible neck, deflecting sword, twin constricting tongues, crystallizing saliva, mouth suction, unhinging jaws
76 Drago Ω1 Flight, triple constricting tails, explosive mouth laser, detaching head, electric shocks, constriction, armor
77 Blaster A7 Burrowing, fast spinning, 4-tube missile launcher belt, projectile resistance, extensible arms, slicing eye beams, head bomb
78 Elephans γ3 Swimming, ear heat rays, trunk missiles dual pectoral extensible spears
79 Jetfire P1 / Greeks ΨII Flight, wing 3-tube missile launchers, body bomb (P1), Swimming, double sided sword, abdomen storage compartment, flight, face heat beam (ΨII)
80 Blacker F2 Forehead diamond beam, head detachment
81 Triple L5 Third arm on the forehead, reinforced fists, ultra sharp teeth, battering ram head
82 Hawk Υ2 Escape velocity flight, wing missiles, beak, forehead beam
83 Chickeron N9 Flight, head ax, high jumping, eating and redirecting energy attacks, scissor arms, heat resistance, waist rockets
84 Poses ΟII Electric bolt firing and shocking extensible tail, swimming, mouth whirlpool that ca toss enemies and cancel long range attacks, kamikaze miniatures stored in the abdomen activated by a mouth laser
85 Rayas D5 Swimming, extensible tentacle tail, hurricane winds from wings, projectile resistance, ultrasonic eye waves, eye heat rays, energy resistance, flight
86 Bornest S9 / Parlas ΔV Machine controlling fog from the waist, left eye laser, teleportation (S9) Oyster shell that grants flight, inner shell crystallization ray, extensible harpoon, swimming (Delta 5)
87 Glory R2 Flight, launchable arms, highly explosive knee missiles, eyebrow stun ray, forearm drills
88 Harkenshoot X9 3-tube missile launcher on torso, wrist spinning shields, belt buckle shurikens, shoulder electric bolts, glue from finger tips
89 Gilania β5 Swimming, explosive head drill, 5-tube rocket launcher on back, spiked tank tread, flight, underside cannon, beak drill, EMP resistance, internal bomb, back missiles, reformation
90 Klabas P9 Flight, right arm vacuum capable of sucking long range attacks harmlessly, tornadoes from vacuum arm, pectoral electric bolts
91 Haribiyun V6 / Saiga 03 Flight, dual head 3-tube smart missile launchers, fast head rotation that acts like a fan, chained harpoon limbs that can act like drills, swimming, torso torpedoes, energy resistance (V6), Chained mace right arm, left fist and leg armored spikes, agility, projectile resistance (03)
92 Pilanias / Gratonios   Flight, extensible hand drills, pectoral face shields with explosive eye beams, head electric shocks (Pilanias), Swimming, flight, acidic body scales, mouth missiles, toxic gas (Gratonios) [Note: Pilanias and Gratonios are actually warrior beasts, specifically super human and aquatic types, respectively]

Mazinger Z Vs. Devilman OVA Edit

  • Baian S2: Is armed with spikes on its back, can roll itself into a tire, and has three missile launchers on its forehead. Is the first of two mechanical beasts to emerge from the ocean to fight Mazinger Z.
  • Barbados F7: Is armed with tentacles, torpedoes, buzzsaws from the mouth, an electric net, and an extremely bright searchlight. Is used to fight Devilman underwater.
  • Barias B5: Possesses no known powers, was the second of two mechanical beasts destroyed by Devilman's Devil Beam as Mazinger Z was restrained by Barias B5.
  • Bragger S1: Is armed with a tomahawk and flying buzzsaws from the abdomen. Is the second of the three mechanical beasts at the beginning of the OVA.
  • Burimas W5: Is armed with a flamethrower for each arm.
  • Headhawk M3: Possesses no known powers, was the first of two mechanical beasts destroyed by Devilman's Devil Beam as Mazinger Z was restrained by Barias B5.
  • Demonger J5: Is armed with claws and a sonic ray from the mouth, also possesses the power of flight. Is the third of the three mechanical beasts at the beginning of the OVA.
  • Erukines K2: Is armed with razor sharp wings. Is paired up with Dasokimas C2 to attack the Photon Institute and capture Devilman.
  • Ghostarm V10: Is armed with an electric whip in each hand. Is the second of two mechanical beasts to emerge from the ocean to fight Mazinger Z.
  • Dasokimas C2: Is armed with carpet bombs in its underside and launchable spearheads.
  • Magudas J3: Is armed with a cannon ball on a chain for each hand. Is ended up impaled by Tauros D7.
  • Mantes K9: Is armed with a powerful drill for each arm. Is used to free the Demon Tribe and later to assist the torture of Devilman.
  • Scarald B7: Is armed with yellow sonic rays from the arm sockets, missiles from the abdomen, and a machine gun in each finger.
  • Tauros D7: Is armed with a large horn and in various Super Robot Wars titles could launch its back spikes like missiles. Is used against Mazinger Z and reappears in episode 5 of Mazinkaiser.
  • Zaurus F1: Is armed with extensible arms with a stinger at the end of each, a high temperature tongue, and a sever-able head that emits electricity. Is the first of three mechanical beasts at the beginning of the OVA.


Among the new mechanical monsters are also many of the older ones from the series and Mazinger Z vs. Devilman who are specifically Garada K7, Doublas M2, Guyer Q5, KingDan X10, Danchel, Abdora U6, Dayan N4, Goronko S2, Chigul E7, Balcan P5, Glossam X2, Stronger T4, Balanger M2, Damdam L2, Jinrai S1, Aeros B2, Baras K9, Genocider F9, Kajimofu T7, Yubrin T9, Jenova M9, Gusios Beta III, Drago Omega 1, Elefans T3, Triple L5, Hawk Y2, Parlas Delta V, Mantes K9, and Tauros D7.

  • Bamaras Y1: Appears in episode 1. Is armed with extending destructive tentacles for its hair and fingers. Reappears in episode 24 of Shin Mazinger Z.
  • Bazin B9: Appears in episode 1. Is armed with gravity manipulating bolts from both antennae. Reappears in episode 24 of Shin Mazinger Z.
  • Croc-Diver O1: Appears in episode 4. Is armed with a powerful tail, can disassemble itself to emit electricity, and fires water tornadoes from the mouth.
  • Ghost Fire V9: Appears in episode 1 and appears very similar to Grengus C3. Is armed with a pair of cannon balls on chains for arms and a flamethrower on its head. Reappears in Shin Mazinger Z.
  • Garadabura MK01: Appears in episode 6. Is essentially a combined version of the Garada K7 and the Doublas M2 with upgraded versions of their weapons.
  • King Gordon: Appears in episode 7. Is armed with four arms, lightning from the fingers, and a giant sword that can be enhanced with electricity. Reappears as a far more powerful and larger version in the last episode of Shin Mazinger Z.

Shin MazingerEdit

Returning from the original series, Mazinger Z vs. Devilman, and Mazinkaiser include Garada K7, Doublas M2, Stronger T4, Brighton J2, KingDan X10, Ghost Fire V9, Belgas V5, Glossam X2, Mario N7, River F9, Jeiser S1, Daima U5, Jairon J1, Garadabura MK01, Bamaras Y1, Bazin B9, and Abdora U6.

  • Balga M4: Appears in episode 16 and resembles an anthropomorphic bull. Is killed off at the beginning of the episode by Mazinger Z.
  • Birdon B7: Powers include flight and a 4-tube laser pod on the torso.
  • Donau Alpha 1‏‎: Appears in episode 12, although not used until episode 15. Powers include abdomen missiles, a whip on the head, a fan within the torso face, and a freeze ray from the torso face called the German Blizzard. Is based on Rhine X1 from the original series.
  • Garuda C3: Appears in episode 16 and resembles an anthropomorphic bird of prey. Is killed off at the beginning of the episode by Mazinger Z and was carrying a Kedora.
  • Groizer X-9: Appears in episode 11 as a suicide bomber.
  • Groizer X-10: Appears in episodes 5 and 6.Is armed with carpet bombs from its underside.
  • Groizer X-11: Appears in episode 11 as a suicide bomber.
  • Groizer X-12: Appears in episode 11 as a suicide bomber.
  • Nonakargo H-2: Appears in episode 7. Is armed with an electromagnetic net with lightning beams and has the ability to levitate.
  • Mechanical Beast Baron Ashura: Appears in episodes 23, 24, and 25. Possessed flight and a Japanium armored cape and is armed with electric surges by bisecting itself and extending claws from the right hand.
  • Uhnura P9: Appears in episode 24. Powers include a spear and heat resistant shield.
  • Brocken V2 Schneider: Appears in episodes 1 and 25. Is armed only with piercing tentacles.
  • Branbanteis C8, Girkros A4, Rizados E5, Giguros S4, and Bombcat T3:Appear in episode 16.


In the 2003 PlayStation 2 game Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander from Banpresto, a ghost mechanical beast was constructed by materials from the game's main antagonist, the Swordian Guardian. The ghost mechanical beast was given the name Fragment (フラグメント) and created by the Mycenae Empire using mechanical beast technology from Dr. Hell. Fragment was given to Baron Ashura to actually pilot, something originally only done with Belgas V5 in the original series, to assist Great General of Darkness lead an assault on the Japanese coast that would lead to the Photon Institution. After the general is defeated, Fragment is sent into action. Powers include swimming, a large knife on its scalp, a meathook for the right arm, lasers from the left palm, and tremendously thick armor that easily allowed it to survive onslaughts.

Warrior BeastsEdit

The Warrior Beasts (sentoujuu), also referred to as Battle Beasts in some translations, were the monsters and evil mecha from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger by Go Nagai. Great Mazinger was the sequel to the wildly popular Mazinger Z. In the story, the Warrior Beasts were the secret super-weapons of the Mikene Empire] an ancient empire driven underground centuries in the past.

Characteristics and historyEdit

Like their predecessors the Mechanical Beasts (kikaiju), they were armed with a variety of weapons, such as ray beams, missiles, bombs, swords, spears, axes, nets, acids and drills. They differed from the Mechanical Beasts in a number of ways. For one, they were controlled by human brains: a Mikene's Warrior that is permanently placed and interfaced with the Warrior Beast body, that he can move like his own. This means that the Warrior Beasts were a sort of giant cyborgs. As a result of this, most of them have a distinctive human head or face within the mechanical body. They were overall far more powerful and thanks to their cyborg nature, they had also far more better reaction time, adaptability and skills that the Mechanical Beasts. As a result of this, most of them have a distinctive human head or face within the mechanical body.

They were overall far more powerful and thanks to their cyborg nature, they had also far more better reaction time, adaptability and skills than the Mechanical Beasts, and some of them are capable of showing emotions or even speak. This cyborg nauture is also a weakness, a direct hit in the human head or face can destroy or severely weaken the Warrior Beast. Throughout the series the underworld in which the Mikene Empire thrives gives us little information about them. In episode 2 the idea of imprisonment has been used on traitors like the warrior beast Garalia, meaning that they have free will although some might prove as psychotic. The same episode shows functioning Talos units, mechanical beasts shown from the first episode of Mazinger Z that were found in ruins and rebuilt by Dr. Hell.

Most of the warrior beasts are presumed to be thousands of years old just like their generals, although some such as Grecious in episode 7 were created in the span of a day, perhaps even hours. In episode 9 the idea of personal relationships is known as Minister Argos claims that the warrior beast Cleo is his daughter. Although most of them have murderous personalities, few do not such as the warrior beast Bruton as shown in episode 10 and Kelvinius in episode 16. In episode 16 Kelvinius has flashbacks indicating that the original Mycenae Empire was once a peaceful nation with him as the prince until the Emperor of Darkness ordered human sized Talos units led by Great General of Darkness, also human sized at the time, to take over the entire nation and convert everyone including their prince into warrior beasts; although many were spared and instead were used as Mikene soldiers used for grunt work such as running the Mikelos. In episode 52 the process of "fusion" between the human and the robot is hinted when Shinichiro Okida was merged by Marquis Janus with a robot to create the Warrior Beast Jerunicas.

In addition, the Warrior Beasts could be grouped into one of 7 categories, as the entire Mikene Empire's forces could be divided into 7 armies.

The seven armiesEdit

  • Superhuman Warrior Beasts: Led by General Julius Caesar] it is the largest of the seven armies. As the name suggests, most of this army's Battle Beasts are humanoid in shape. They often carry weapons such as swords, shields and spears.
  • Spectral Warrior Beasts: Led by General Hadias, this army specializes in inspiring fear in the enemies of the Mikene Empire. This army's forces tend to take the form of demons or ghosts.
  • Aerial Warrior Beasts: The main air force of the Mikene Empire's forces, this army is led by General Birdler. Virtually every member of this army is winged, though some fly using thrusters or jets.
  • Mammalian Warrior Beasts: One of the Mikene Empire's ground forces, this army is led by the vile General Ligern. The Warrior Beasts of this army are based on mammals, many of them being four-legged. Ramming targets seems to be a favourite tactic.
  • Reptilian Warrior Beasts: Commanded by the dragon-like General Draydou, this army has a mix of air and ground troops. Being based on reptiles, the Warrior Beasts of this unit tend to be more vicious than most.
  • Aquatic Warrior Beasts: The navy of the Mikene Empire is led by General Angoras. This army is strongest in the water, though many Warrior Beasts that are part of this army are amphibious.
  • Insect Warrior Beasts: Tough and adaptable, this army follows their leader General Scarabeth into battle. Like the Reptilian Warrior Beast army, this force has a combination of air and ground troops (though leaning more towards air power).

All seven armies were beneath the supreme command of the Great General of Darkness. After his defeat and death at the hands of Great Mazinger, the Great Marshall of Hell took over supreme command. However, it can be noted that there was an unofficial eighth warrior beast army; the Chouhou or Multicapable/Intelligence (or convenience) Warrior Beasts. These warrior beasts were more robotic and mechanical in nature than other Warrior Beasts and displayed characteristics that could not easily be classified into one of the seven normal armies. It can be noted that they share the same name as Minister Argos, implying the robotic factor of the beasts. Another title for them could have also been Indeterminate Warrior Beasts.

List of Warrior BeastsEdit

Some of the names may vary according to the translation. It must be also noted that in the final episode 92 of Mazinger Z, Gratonios and Pilanias were also warrior beasts, superhuman and aquatic types, respectively.

Chapter Beast(s) Weapons Type(s)
01 Barubari, Obelius Left hand mace, mouth missiles, regeneration (Barubari), flight, mouth heat laser, mouth flames, talons, face sonic rings, abdomen missiles, ultra sharp beak (Obelius) Mammalian, Aerial
02 Garalia Double sided ax that can also act as a boomerang, flight, explosive eye lasers, swimming, dagger, electrical resistance, twin hidden extendable axes in the sides of the head Superhuman
03 Zugar Head detachment flight, eye beams, coiling tongue, four whip tongues Spectral
04 Mugarissa Cocoon webs for hibernation and tangling, whip claw arms, blinding eye rays, pink mouth acid Insect
05 Ralgos, Senzan Flight, spiked pincer claw hands, antennae lasers (Ralgos), Swimming, roller mode, projectile resistance (Senzan) Insect, Reptilian
06 Psycoveia Psycho-kinetic pain transfer, levitation, constricting hair, hypnosis, hurricane winds, can turn hair into a large blade, energy resistance, projectile resistance, kunai volley, ball mode, flamethrowing dragon head Spectral
07 Grecios Flight, pincer claw left hand, burrowing, holding cell in the abdomen that can heat up, eye heat beams, forehead paralysis laser Superhuman
08 Goberius, Diacus Flight, 6-tube rocket launcher on back, electric tongue, swimming (Goebrius), Flight, right hand chained mace, sword, reflective diamond body, eye beams, reassembling, heat resistance (Diacus) Reptilian, Superhuman
09 Cleo Human form, eye beams, breast missiles, finger glue, armor Multicapable
10 Bruton Crow manipulation by sonar, flight, bladed boomerang, tridents for hands with chains, hurricane winds from the wind in its torso, electromagnetic beams from the antennae Insect
11 Girai Swimming, constricting mouth foam, sharp horns Aquatic
12 Bisonia Sharp horns, hardened hooves, blade resistance, 4-tube rocket launcher on the back, speed, projectile resistance, flight mode Mammalian
13 Vikong, Gironian Flight, tail feather electromagnetic lightning, back rockets, armored tail feathers (Vikong), Ax with chain on waist, shield, mouth glue (Gironian) Aerial, Superhuman
14 Hercules Pick ax, swimming, torso missiles, eye beams from face on belt buckle Superhuman
15 Gomodora Venomous lizards from tail head, flight, projectile resistance, mouth liquid nitrogen, explosive eye beams, head peddles that form a battering cone or fan Reptilian
16 Kelvinius Flight, spinning round shield, flaming trident, internal bomb Superhuman
17 Kirinia, Gravius Flight, mouth flames, horizontal separation, summoning tornadic winds, beam resistance (Kirinia), Burrowing, flight, blinding torso face beam, wrist spinning swords, twin waist whips (Gravius) Mammalian, Superhuman
18 Iguanas Flight, docking with a smaller version of itself armed with finger missiles, color change, projectile resistance, mouth flames, strong tail, heat resistance, electrical resistance Reptilian
19 Goldova, Gidonius Head drill, swimming, tentacles, mouth heat ray, launchable twin scythes with regenerative properties (Goldova), Swimming, back missiles with a large missile, mouth flames, ball form, projectile resistance (Gidonius) Aquatic, Reptilian
20 Gravalus, Marvalus Mikene soldier storage, flight, wing fire balls, quadruple head missiles (Gravalus), Flight at mach 5, ax wings (Marvalus) Mammalian, Superhuman
21 Dagora, Eunigaros Flight, antennae electric beams, twin missile launchers (Dagora), Remote electric tentacles, head spike, mouth flames (Eunigaros) Aquatic, Superhuman
22 Gasrose, Dandaros Extraordinary jumping, swimming, high wind breath, back volcano with large projectile resistant rocks, electricity emit, blade resistant torso (Gasrose), Right hand scythe on a chain, torso eye heat rays, energy resistance, knee spike electric bolts (Dandaros) Aquatic, Superhuman
23 Virgle Chained ax and mace, twin rocket launchers in each wing, projectile resistance, knee boomerangs, mouth spike Superhuman
24 Pharabos Strength, wind resistance, belt buckle ray, blade resistance, launchable arms, heat resistance Superhuman
25 Iscarius Six head hole tentacles, extensible arms Superhuman
26 Tarantas Flight, mouth web nets Insect
27 Alekteus, Galgania Right hand sword, left hand spike missiles, electric bolts from cheek spiked, flight, shoulder spike energy bolts, three missiles in each leg (Alekteus), Back spike missiles, armored head horns, side spike missiles, whip tail (Galgania) Superhuman, Mammalian
28 Achilleus Sword that can fire heat bolts, wrist face mouth flames, bats from the left shoulder, wrist energy beams Multicapable
29 Giraginga, Isacron Swimming, flight, claw hands, torso 4-tube missile launcher, head rocket, four whip tentacles on the face (Giraginga), Head and shoulder spike energy bolts, shoulder spike missiles, left hand missiles, flight Aquatic, Multicapable
30/31 Banigon, Juran Right hand throwing swords with reflective properties, armor (Banigon), Swimming, 3-tube missile launcher in the back, whip tail, hardening foam from the wings (Juran) Superhuman, Aquatic
31 Danzania Guided head rocket Superhuman
32 Gracis Flight, tank lower half with twin missile launchers, sonic mouth rings, tail flamethrower, energy resistance, projectile resistance, eye heat beams, electrical resistance Aerial
33 Harpy, Drayato Flight, seven missile launchers in each wing, tail laser (Harpy), Double sided scythe that acts like a boomerang, pectoral missiles, projectile resistance, extraordinary jumping (Drayato) Aerial, Superhuman
34 Dolman Swimming, throwing spiked wheel, forehead drill, burrowing, shoulder spike missiles Mammalian
35 Gorki Flight, head chained armored mace, finger missiles, twin energy resistant tomahawks Superhuman
36 Greydos Flight, wing missiles, sharp claws, sharp beak, launchable sharp tail feathers Aerial
37 Helena Human disguise, eye lasers, size change, heart-shaped heat beam from belt buckle, foot spike Multicapable
38 Dorumos Swimming, flight, shoulder missile cannons, twin bladed boomerangs, energy resistance, electrical resistance Superhuman
39 Dorados Flight, drill nose, fangs, mouth flames, projectile resistance, tail spearhead with chain Mammalian
40 Mamirez Travels in a whirlwind, pendulum ax, speed, levitation, eye beams, restraining hair, projectile resistance, electrical resistance Spectral
41 Merktes Flight, wing missiles, sword, hip remote shurikens, left palm freezing lasers, right palm heat lasers, electrical resistance Superhuman
42 Babul Throwing ax, sword, swimming, projectile resistance, electric head horns, deep sea clamping robot minion with blinding light on belt buckle and knee spikes Multicapable
43/44 Rubamba, Glosser Double sided chained mace (Rubamba), Four sided lance, sword, projectile resistance (Glosser) Multicapable
43 Domez Left hand saw, swimming, ball form that launches scales, abdomen and chest machine guns, explosive mouth flames Reptilian
45 Birdle Right back cannon that fires energy bolts, left back cannon that fires energy cutters, top back cannon that fires explosive energy beams, swimming, wind resistance, heat resistance, flight, back electric bolts Superhuman
46 Sorgos Sonic gun/6-tube missile launcher hybrid right arm, launchable left arm, magnetic torso flamethrower, ultra hot scalp flames, wind resistance, 100 meter height, energy resistance, heat resistance Superhuman
47 Tollukan, Vardallah Flight, shield with four sharp edges that acts as a boomerang, bladed wings, left hand rapid fire crossbow, forehead diamond beam (Tollukan), Flight (Vardallah, not really a warrior beast as much as it is a reconnaissance vehicle) Aerial
48 Dolark Swimming, flight, explosive mouth heat lasers, tail sonic rings, leg rockets, torso chomping mouth, scalp lasers, energy resistance Multicapable
49 Gunser Treads, 3-tube missile launcher in each shoulder, electrical resistance, armored bulldozer blade with a laser gun, five lance-like bombs on the back Multicapable
50 Marigera Launchable hair boomerangs, eye beams, hand sonic beam, pectoral glue, head tentacle, fan from the neck of her human head on the abdomen, knee missiles Multicapable
51 Mogradon, Gulasos Drill, heat resistance (Mogradon, not really a warrior beast as much as it is a drilling tank), Hypnotic eye rings, belt buckle flamethrower, double sided ax that separates into two throwing axes (Gulasos) Multicapable
52 Teotras, Jerunicas Right hand shield, trident that fires electric bolts, dual missile launchers on each hip (Teotras), Spear, bomb, swimming (Jerunicas) Multicapable, Mammalian
53 Dukaider, Jiran Right arm rapid fire 3-tube missile launcher, left arm drill, head laser, projectile resistance (Dukaider), Flight, eye beams, arm blades that emit heat waves, dual bladed boomerangs on shoulders, twin head drills (Jiran) Superhuman
54 Gogler Speed, flight, ax, hip 4-barrel machine guns, agility Superhuman
55 Gold Phoenix, Vulcania Flight, dual 4-tube missile launchers on neck, wing energy rays (Gold Phoenix), Flight, shoulder rockets, abdomen electric bolts (Vulcania) Aerial, Superhuman
55/56 Great Mammoth Strong extensible trunk, sword and shield on human body, armor, ear rays Mammalian

Opening SequenceEdit

In the opening sequence of Great Mazinger, there a number of warrior beasts that make appearances in no other forms of media. These Warrior Beasts do not have given names. The unnamed Warrior Beasts are:

  • Insect/Mammalian/Multicapable(?) Warrior Beast: A green-and-yellow, bipedal bull-like robot with pointed daggers for hands. It can fire laser from its eyes. However, its eyes and body highly resembles that of an Insect Warrior Beast. However, it might be a Multicapable Warrior Beast
  • Samurai Warrior Beast: A Superhuman Warrior Beast in the form of an grey armored samurai. It has wings for flight and a sickle for its right hand.
  • Avian/Superhuman/Spectral/Multicapable(?) Warrior Beast: A mysterious dark blue robot who appears to have a generally Superhuman body, but has a bird-like beak, tentacles for hands and another under its beak, a pair of horns, and a huge ghoul-like face on its torso.
  • Avian Warrior Beast: A two-headed bird of prey with long necks. It has a white body and yellow heads, necks, and feet.
  • Elephant Warrior Beast: A gigantic, elephant-like creature with a gold color scheme. It has horn on its forehead, a true face situated above a tooth-filled mouth, a tail ending in a spearhead and its "tusks" are actually two snake-like monsters.

Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of DarknessEdit

The warrior beasts from the Mazinger Z OVA Mazinger Z vs. The Great Dark General (Majingâ Zetto tai Ankoku Daishôgun) became as iconic as the ones from the TV series. In the OVA they are commanded by General Juuma, under direct command of the Great General Of Darkness.

  • Dante: Appears as a robed skeleton with hair similar to Medusa. Powers include flight and phasing through beams and is armed with a boomerang-like ring and tornadoes from its underside.
  • Birdian: Appears as a brown falcon. Wings grant it the power of flight as well as super sonic force winds and possesses razor sharp talons.
  • Raigon: Appears as a humanoid insect. Has the power of flight and is armed with extensible arms and green eye beams.
  • Saraga: Appears as a blue cobra. Powers include flight and coiling and is armed with immensely strong green acid from the mouth.
  • Suruba: Appears as a blue flying fish. Has the power of swimming and is armed with very strong jaws and lime eye beams.
  • Mommothos: Appears as a rhinoceros with elephant tusks.
  • Wardam: Appears as a humanoid butterfly with a set of jaws for the right and a scythe for the left. Power include flight and immense strength and is armed with pink eye beams.
  • Orbee: Appears as a pink pterodactyl. Has the power of flight and is armed with green eye lasers.
  • Arsoth: Appears as a giant Roman gladiator. Has the power of flight and is armed with a trident, a net, and a sword.
  • Baruman: Appears as a Persian assassin. Has the power of flight and is armed with a sword and launchable spears in the fingers.
  • Burrunga: Appears as a horned lion. Has the power of speed and is armed with razor sharp claws and lightning bolts from the horns.
  • Grosten: Appears as gecko. Has the power of swimming and is armed with white eye beams and pink acid from the mouth.
  • Arimoth: Appears as an aircraft with a shark head. Powers include swimming and flight and is armed with purple acid from its mouth.

Fight to the Death! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness!Edit

In the OVA special Mazinkaiser vs The Great General of Darkness‏‎, much of the movie revolves around Kouji Kabuto trying to get back to the Photonic Research Institute and Mazinkaiser while trying to avoid being killed by the Warrior Beasts. Most of the Warrior Beasts are redesigned versions of the ones appearing in the series and the OVA. Meanwhile, the other Warrior Beasts battle the so-called Mazinger Army (made up of Great Mazinger, Venus A and three significantly weaker versions of Mazinger Z). They defeat and destroy all but Great Mazinger, who is nonetheless no longer capable of combat. However, they pay a heavy price as Birdler, Scarabeth and Angoras are killed in combat. As Kouji continues his journey, a missile attack kills Rigarn and his entire army.

Eventually, Kouji reaches the Photonic Research Institute despite the efforts of Archduke Gorgon. In their desperation to destroy Mazinkaiser, the Mycenaean‏‎ armies of Caeser, Ardias and Draydou ripped the very ground apart, seeking its underground hangar. Unluckily for them, Mazinkaiser was being stored in space, out of their reach. With Boss' help, Kouji is able to activate Mazinkaiser. Living up to its title of Ultimate Mazinger, Mazinkaiser then wipes out every last one of the surviving Battle Beasts and kills the three generals with almost embarrassing ease.

In Other MediaEdit

Various warrior beasts have appeared in the majority of Super Robot Wars titles including Obereus, Zugar, Psychobear, Gracious, Dolark, Jerunicas, Tollukan, Giran, Dukraider, Gogler, Gold Phoenix, and Vulcania from the series and Dante, Saraga, Arsoth, and Grosten from Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness; the Mazinkaiser version of Dante is the only true warrior beast in Super Robot Wars Judgment, W, and Link with others being the seven generals of the Mycenae Empirelead by the Great General of Darkness.

The generals Julicaeser, Birdler, Hadias, and Draydou have few appearances, the former two only having their original versions appear in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 while the latter two also appear in Super Robot Wars 4. All seven generals appear in their Mazinkaiser versions in Super Robots Wars Judgment, Super Robots Wars W, and Super Robots Wars Link.

Great General of DarknessEdit

The Great General of Darkness (闇黒大将軍, Ankoku Daishōgun) was a fictional character, a supervillain and warlord from the series Great Mazinger although he first appeared in the final episode of Mazinger Z. He takes the form of a gigantic warrior wearing a helmet decorated with three horns, a long red cape and vaguely Roman-like armor. His true face is that of a bearded old man and is set into his chest. He reappeared in the OVA Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness, redesigned; his new look has him sporting black armor, a black cape with red insides, and a smaller true face.

The supreme commander of the Mycenae Empire (Mikene Teikoku), the Great General of Darkness leads the seven Mikene armies in their conquest of the surface world. Forced underground centuries before, the Mycenae further developed the golem technology Dr. Hell discovered and used to create his Mechanical Beasts. Instead of purely mechanical mecha, the Mikene Warrior Beasts are a nightmarish combination of flesh and machine, and are far more powerful than their purely mechanical cousins.

In all of his incarnations, the Great General of Darkness is a force to be reckoned with. In close combat he wields a mighty sword capable of slicing mountains (in Shin Mazinger Z) and bashing through opponents. While at a distance, he can unleash purple-colored beams from his eyes that are powerful enough to match Mazinkaiser's Koushiryoku Beam. On the defensive end, the Great General of Darkness is no slouch either; as his cape can withstand Fire Blaster's intense heat, and his true face survived a direct strike from Great Mazinger's swords and in his 2003 incarnation, a direct blast from Mazinkaiser's Koushiryoku Beams (which were shown to be powerful to destroy the Mycenae warrior Dante with one strike).

Great Marshell of HellEdit

After Great General of Darkness faces Great Mazinger and dies in battle, the Emperor of Darkness replaces him as supreme commander of the Mikene forces. Dr. Hell is somehow brought back to life and placed in a cockpit on the head of the giant body of the Great Marshall of Hell, shortly after he arrives to the Mikene palace in the Underworld by traveling in a tornado; upon his arrival the Emperor of Darkness greets him as the new supreme commander of his army. Now wearing an eye patch, most likely obtain from his death upon the explosion of the Gool, the rest of his actual body is under his cape. The face of his robot resembles his facial features, and his appearance, in contrast to the General of Darkness, is more of an emperor rather than a warrior. His right hand has the shape of a giant claw similar to a hook.

The Marshall seeks revenge against the new Mazinger, and keeps his old dreams of glory and domination. It's quite ironic that while in the previous series Hell was manipulated by the Mikene empire and functional to their plans that they eventually choose him as the Dark General's successor. It has been suggested that this was an attempt to bring back some of the old Mazinger Z series spirit to the newer Great Mazinger series in order to invigorate it. The Great Marshall of Hell had to live up to the General of Darkness' reputation, but mostly failed to be as charismatic as him, despite being just as cruel and merciless. In episode 40 he creates a new fortress after the destruction of the Mikelos based on the Gool, the Demonika.

He would eventually find his end on board of his beloved Demonika, along with Marquis Janus and some of the Seven Generals. Despite his efforts, Hell would be again defeated in this incarnation, not only by Great Mazinger, but by Mazinger Z, who returned at the end of the series.

Emperor of DarknessEdit

The Emperor of Darkness (Yami no Teiou 闇の帝王) was a fictional character, a supervillain and warlord from the manga and anime series Great Mazinger. Great Mazinger was the sequel to the wildly popular Mazinger Z. It was depicted as a large flaming entity. As the Emperor of the Mycenae Empire, he was the true enemy behind the Great General of Darkness and the Great Marshall of Hell. His defeat marked the end of the Mycenae Empire. He is the only survivor of the final battle in Great Mazinger because he never was with his troops. He survives the series too. The only story where he is finally killed (accidentally by Koji after his offer to help Duke Fleed against Vega) is the manga version of UFO robot Gendizer drawn by Gosaku Ota. In Shin Mazinger shogeki! Z-Hen, his true identity is the deity Hades who came from the original planet of the Mycenae Empire and an enemy of Zeus. He took the identity of the Great Emperor of Darkness after Zeus thrown him a Rocket punch of his own and sink along with Bardos Island.

The Generals and Lesser Mycenae CommandersEdit

Minister ArgosEdit

Minister Argos or Chouhou Choukan Arugosu is a villain from the manga and anime Great Mazinger. He primarily advises the series' other villains, and rarely directly commands Warrior Beasts. Like most of the rest of the Mikenese, he is roughly 25 meters tall, dressed in armor, and his "normal" head seems entirely decorative. Unlike most of the rest of the Mikenese, however, his "real" head is housed in the pommel of his cane rather than his chest; Minister Argos's chest instead houses a giant computer, which assumed houses the great wisdom he uses to advise other Mikenese. In episode 9 it was revealed that he considered the warrior beast, Cleo, as his daughter. Minister Argos began the series as an adviser to Archduke Gorgon. As demonstrated in episode 17 he can use his beard as a sword and use it well enough to hold his own against Great General of Darkness. After Archduke Gorgon died in the 21st episode of the anime, Minister Argos became the adviser of Gorgon's replacement, Marquis Janus. In episode 54 Great Mazinger uses a Drill pressure Punch to tear through Minister Argos's torso and breaks his left arm off, leaving him as only a head for the last two episodes. Minister Argos also appears in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 reprising his role as the Mikene Empire's primary adviser.

Archduke GorgonEdit

Archduke Gorgon (ゴーゴン大公) was a villain who was seen primarily in the fictional giant robot anime Great Mazinger, but appeared several times in its prequel series, Mazinger Z, as well. He resembles a centaur somewhat, as from the waist up he is a green-skinned man, but below the waist has the body of a saber-toothed tiger. However, his human half is attached to the rear part of the tiger, so it still has its head. Gorgon was sent by the Mikene Empire to overlook the development of events between Dr. Hell and Mazinger Z, so that everything went according to the plans of the Emperor of Darkness. Hence, he plays an ambivalent role, both of alliance and treason with Hell. He provides him with powerful Warrior Beasts, but his true goal is to use Hell's forces to eliminate Mazinger and then take over with Mikene's own. Allegedly, they forge a deal in the Island of Bardos to collaborate in Mazinger's destruction, but at the end of the series, when the time comes Gorgon leaves Hell to his own fate alone.

In the anime version,after Hell's death, Gorgon sends Gratonios and Pilanias to finish Mazinger off. Great Mazinger's intervention in the last minute is the link to the continuation of the saga, were Gorgon can be seen as a less powerful figure compared to his superiors, the Great General of Darkness and Minister Argos. Due to internal struggles for power that involve the Seven Generals, the Great General and Minister Argos, Gorgon is somewhat betrayed and during the construction of a new Mikene base, he intercepted Great Mazinger as it attacked the warrior beast Dandaros. Upon trying to save the warrior beast Gorgon flies in and is shattered by the Thunder Break, tossing his body into the sea shortly after. He is seen in his last moments with his tiger body destroyed, carrying his feline head under his arm, and the Emperor of Darkness congratulates him for constructing the new Mikene Empire base. He would be replaced by Marquis Janus.

Marquis JanusEdit

Marquis Janus (ヤヌス侯爵), also named Marquis Yanus, is a villain in the anime and manga Great Mazinger. She is a witch in a long red dress with horn-shaped purple hair, reminiscent of the headdress of Maleficent. She carries a white wooden staff, and has a black cat perched on her shoulder. Her various witchcraft powers include flight, teleportation, invisibility, and the ability to control people by jamming an electronic spike into their heads. Like the rest of the Mikenese, Marquis Janus has two faces much like the Roman god of the same name; at various times, her head spins 180 degrees, hiding her "beautiful" face and revealing the hag-like "evil" face that is usually concealed under her hair. She first appeared in episode 22 of the Great Mazinger anime as a replacement for Archduke Gorgon after Archduke Gorgon was accidentally killed by Great Mazinger in the previous episode. As Archduke Gorgon did before her, she retains Minister Argos as her chief adviser.

Marquis Janus has her own mecha, the Janus Koushaku, is roughly the same size as the Mikenese Generals and Great Mazinger (around 20 meters) and resembles a demonic version of herself; in episode 51 the Janus Koushaku appears to have the ability to reduce its size so far as to appear as a human. The mecha's cockpit is in its left breast and is armed with sharp fingernail claws and eye beams designed to knock people out (although this is an ability Janus herself uses). Both of them appear in Super Robot Wars 64, making it their only appearance in the cross-over franchise; in it Janus Koushaku is armed with a heat ray from its torso instead of eye beams, but retains her claws. Marquis Janus finally meets her end in the final episode of Great Mazinger, when she is destroyed along the Great Marshall Of Hell in the explosion of the fortress Demonika.

The Catloo CorpsEdit

The Catloo Corps was Marquis Janus' personal army of robotic cat ninjas that first premiered in episode 35. They could give off electric shocks with their tails (which by themselves have enough force to stun humans), had a pair of small missile launchers on their arms, as well as hand-to-hand skills, and were generally used for tasks a typical warrior beast would be too large or obtrusive. For example, in their first appearance they commandeered Boss Borot and had it block off the launch tube for Great Mazinger. As with all the villains' foot soldiers, though, they were no match for the Great Mazinger and the other robots. In episode 37 the Catloo infiltrated the Fortress of Science in a cargo of crates. In episode 48 they demonstrate capabilities of staying underwater for long periods of time, while doing so their missiles are replaced with harpoons.

General JulicaesarEdit

Superhuman General Julicaesar (超人将軍ユリシーザー Choujin Shougun YuriShiizaa), or Superhuman Commander Julicaesar, is a supervillain and warrior from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger. His name in Japanese is a corruption of the famous general's name. He was commander of the Superhuman Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a gigantic human warrior with purple skin and dressed in Roman-style armour, with a flaming circular crest on his head. His true face was originally mounted on his chest, but in his redesign in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA it was placed on his flaming crest instead.

According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, his army is the largest of the Seven Armies and he is considered by many to be the Great General of Darkness' right-hand man. According to his manga description, Julicaesar dislikes the use of dirty tactics and proudly confronts enemies head on. He can detach the flaming crest situated on his head and throw it at a target much like a boomerang, as seen in his one-sided battle against Baion Beta, and when he was in pursuit of Koji Kabuto in his Kaiser Pilder. However, it can be noted that in the original series, General Julicaesar throws his entire head at enemies instead of the crest alone.

General DraydoEdit

Reptilian General Draydo (妖爬虫将軍ドレイドウ Hachūurui Shougun Doreidou), also known as the Dangerously Tempered General Draydo or Great Lizard Commander Doreido (妖爬虫将軍ドレイドゥ), is commander of the Reptilian Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies on the Mikene Empire. He was commander of the Reptilian Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a humanoid lizard with French musketeer-style garments, with his true face on his chest. In the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA his clothes are redesigned to be red instead of blue like in the original series. He is to be the most cunning out of all the seven generals yet he fights dirty according to manga translations. He is also said to be one of the more careful generals. He has the ability to breathe a deadly stream of radioactive fire from his reptilian head.

Draydou also appeared in Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness. He battled the Mazinger Army member Daion Gamma in China along with his Battle Beast army. Despite the best efforts of the Mazinger, Draydou shrugged off his Breast Fire attack and returned fire with his own mouth flames, reducing it to slag. He and his forces later joined General Julicaesar and General Hadias at the ruins of the Photoatomic Research Lab at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Together, they intended to kill Kouji Kabuto before he could find and activate Mazinkaiser. The Generals knew from observing his battles with Dr. Hell that the Super Robot would be a major threat to their conquest of the surface world.

General BirdlerEdit

Aerial General Birdler (怪鳥将軍バーダラー Kai tori shōgun bādarā), also known as Mysterious Bird General Birdler or Sky Battalion Commander Birdler (怪鳥将軍 バーダラー), is commander of the Aerial Warrior Beasts, one of the Seven Armies on the Mikene Empire. He resembles a demonic angel, with his true face on his chest. He is commander of the Aerial Warriot Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a demonic angel, with his true face on his chest.. In the Mazinkaiser OVA his head and neck appear more reptilian, but overall remains the same. In his official character profile for the Mazinkaiser OVA, he is stated to be bullish and overconfident. According to his manga description, Birdler's lightning-fast speed and maneuverability make him a skilled fighter. It is also stated that Birdler has several abilities, as he can launch ultrasonic mouth waves and create shockwaves and tornadoes from his wings.

General Birdler also reappears in the Mazinkaiser OVA Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness, although he is the first of the seven generals to be destroyed. He uses the Mikeros to attack Kouji before he can reach Mazinkaiser in Japan. He and the Mikeros appear from a massive storm cloud in order to confront Koji, and the diabolical avian orders his aerial army (consisting of Birdian, Obereus, Tollukan and Greydos) to destroy the plane Koji is riding in, but the beasts are destroyed by the Million Alpha, who is escorting Koji. Frustrated by the Million Alpha's interference, Birdler decides to fight the mecha himself but, he is killed by a kamikaze attack from the Million Alpha.

General HadiasEdit

Evil Spirit General Hadias (悪霊将軍ハ-ディアス Akuryou Shougun Haadias), also referred to as General Hardias or Evil Spirit Battalion Commander Hardius, is a fictional character, a supervillain and warrior from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger. He is commander of the Spectral Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a gigantic skeleton wearing a ragged cloak with an upside-down skull for a head. His true face is mounted on his chest in the original anime version. In his redesign for the Mazinkaiser OVA, his true face is hidden in darkness inside his cloak (only the glowing eyes are visible) while the skull is now covered in blue flames. He wields a scythe as his weapon of choice in both versions. According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, he is a master of psychological warfare and enjoys terrifying and demoralizing his victims before killing them. According to the translation of the Great Mazinger manga, Hadias possesses remarkable psychic powers and has the ability to breathe fire from the head on his hand.

General Hadias also appeared in Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness. He battled the Mazinger Army member Venus A in Australia along with his Battle Beast army. He easily defeated it, but unknowingly failed to kill the pilot Jun Hono when he ripped her control vehicle out of Venus' head. He and his forces later joined General Draydou and General Julius Caesar at the ruins of the Photoatomic Research Lab at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Together, they intended to kill Kouji Kabuto before he could find and activate sea bass. The Generals knew from observing his battles with Dr. Hell that the Super Robot would be a major threat to their conquest of the surface world. They were forced to resort to killing Kouji when their surprise attack on the Lab failed to produce Mazinkaiser. The Battle Beasts even ripped a gigantic crater into the ground, trying to dig up its underground facility, but were unable to find it. The mystery of Mazinkaiser's location was solved when Kouji managed to board the Kaiser Pilder and began flying upwards towards space, apparently on collision course with an incoming meteor. To their horror, the three Generals realised the meteor was actually Mazinkaiser, which had been stored in space beyond their reach. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to prevent Kouji from docking in. After the destruction of their entire force within seconds, the three Generals attempted to face Mazinkaiser themselves. However, after General Julius Caesar was disintegrated by the Super Robot's Rust Tornado attack, Hadias apparently became a victim of his own weapon: fear. A terrified whimper was all that escaped him as he fruitlessly attempted to block Mazinkaiser's Reitou Beam with his scythe, only to be frozen solid then broken into pieces.

General LigernEdit

Wild Beast General Ligern (猛獣将軍ライガーン Moujuu Shougun Raigaan), also referred to as General Rigarn or Wild Beast Battalion Commander Raigon (猛獣将軍ライガーン), is a fictional character, a supervillain and warrior from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger. He is commander of the Mammalian Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a demonic centaur in the original series, with his true face on his chest. In the Mazinkaiser OVA he appears more reptilian, but overall remains the same, as his mane color is changed from green to red and his body armor is now colored black instead of gray. According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, Ligern is the most vile of the Seven Generals and is unpopular even among his fellow Generals. This is mostly due to his tendency to steal their thunder in attempts to make himself look good. It was apparently only the skill he has in whipping his troops into bloodthirsty frenzies that prevented the Great General of Darkness from killing him personally. According to his manga description, Ligern practices shameless battle tactics and is among the more fierce of the seven generals. He also the ability to fire electromagnetic beams from his fangs.

General Ligern also reappears in the Mazinkaiser OVA Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness and is the only one of the Seven Generals to be killed by human hands, rather than at the hands of a mecha like Great Mazinger or Mazinkaiser). He leads his Mammalian Warrior Beasts (consisting of Mommothos, Doleman and Grabaru) to a remote base in Siberia, where Archduke Gorgon, the Great General's personal assassin, has tracked the pilot of Mazinkaiser Kouji Kabuto. Despite knowing the Great General has ordered Gorgon to slay the youth before he could activate the powerful robot, Ligern attempts to steal the Mikene officer's thunder by attacking the base himself. This eagerness proves to be his downfall, as Professor Morimori, one of the professors accompanying Kouji and Sayaka Yumi, launches a suicidal missile attack that kills him and completely obliterates the Mammalian Battle Beast Army. Ligern himself is killed when a missile ripped his body and face in half before detonating.

General AngorasEdit

Aquatic General Angoras, alternately known as Sea Demon Commander Angoras (魔魚将軍アンゴラス Gyorui Shougun Angorasu), or Demon Fish General Anglerus, is a fictional character, a supervillain and warrior from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger. He is commander of the Aquatic Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a humanoid angler fish, with his true face mounted on the tip of his antennae. It is stated in the manga and his Mazinkaiser OVA profile that General Angoras can use the large fins on his head to create enormous tsunamis. According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, Angoras is an expert ambusher and often strikes victims from below, a tactic often used by his Aquatic Battle Beast forces. According to his manga description, Angoras is the most ruthless among the seven generals and has no qualms about killing his own Warrior Beasts.

General Angoras reappeared in the Mazinkaiser OVA Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness and was killed alongside General Scarabeth by Tetsuya Tsurugi and Great Mazinger. Scarabeth and Angoras led their Insect Battle Beast and Aquatic Battle Beast armies to New York to deal with Great Mazinger. The fact that two armies were sent to fight Great (as opposed to one each for the other members of the so-called Mazinger Army) shows how dangerous Great was to them. While difficult, Tetsuya defeated most of their troops but as a result was unable to put up much of a fight when the two generals attacked him in tandem. In apparent desperation, he used the Great Boomerang (which the two generals easily avoided) and followed up with Great Typhoon. This second attack was easily shrugged off by Angoras, who mocked Great's weakness. As they moved in for the kill, Scarabeth was suddenly split in two vertically by the Great Boomerang, which then went on to slash Angoras badly on the back and stomach. As he lay dying, a horrified Angoras came to the same conclusion Scarabeth did; the Great Typhoon was never meant to be an attack, it had been meant to change the direction of the Great Boomerang. After Tetsuya confirmed this, then finished the two helpless generals off with Breast Burn. Angoras' aquatic forces did not aid their commander in his clash in New York and instead proceeded to Japan, where they were annihilated by Mazinkaiser.

General ScarabethEdit

Giant Insect General Scarabeth (大昆虫将軍スカラベス Dai Konchuu Shougun Sukarabesu), also known as Big Bug Battalion Commander Scarabas or Great Insect General Scarabus, is a fictional character, a supervillain and warrior from the anime and manga series Great Mazinger. He was commander of the Insect Battle Beasts, one of the Seven Armies of the Mikene Empire. He resembles a gigantic rhinoceros beetle, with his true face mounted on his chest. He brings a sword with him in the original Great Mazinger series and in the Mazinkaiser OVA, he has the ability to release streams of binding silk from his insect head in order to immobilize targets. The silk is stated to be as tough as steel. According to his profile included in the Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness OVA, Scarabeth is one of the most battle-hungry of the Seven Generals. He is also prone to charging into battle far ahead of his troops, putting him at risk of being cut off from support. According to his manga description, Scarabeth is a remarkable tactician, able to create strategies that complete missions with less manpower and resources thought possible.

General Scarabeth reappeared in the Mazinkaiser OVA Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great General of Darkness and was killed alongside General Angoras by Tetsuya Tsurugi and Great Mazinger. Scarabeth and Angoras led their Insect Warrior Beast and Aquatic Warrior Beast armies to New York to deal with Great Mazinger. The fact that two armies were sent to fight Great (as opposed to one each for the other members of the so-called Mazinger Army) shows how dangerous Great was to them. While difficult, Tetsuya defeated most of their troops but as a result was unable to put up much of a fight when the two generals attacked him in tandem. Tetsuta used his famed Thunder Break against the insect-like general, but Scarabus easily shrugged it off. In apparent desperation, he used the Great Boomerang (which the two generals easily avoided) and followed up with Great Typhoon. This second attack was easily shrugged off by Angoras, who mocked Great's weakness. As they moved in for the kill, Scarabeth was suddenly split in two vertically by the Great Boomerang, which then went on to slash Angoras badly on the back and stomach. As he lay dying, a horrified Scarabeth came to the same conclusion Angoras did; the Great Typhoon was never meant to be an attack, it had been meant to change the direction of the Great Boomerang (as well as speed it up so it would do more damage). Tetsuya confirmed this, then finished the two helpless generals off with Breast Burn.

General JuumaEdit

This character only appeared in the Mazinger Z Vs. The Great General of Darkness OVA. His body was composed from parts that identify him with each of the seven Mikene armies, reptilian, superhuman, aerial, insect, aquatic, mammalian and spectral. His position in the Mikene structure is unclear; whereas The Seven Generals, who are not included in the OVA, had each an army under their command, Juuma is apparently appointed ad hoc by The General of Darkness to take seven beasts of his choice and annihilate Mazinger Z after the destruction of many of his favorite monsters by Koji and his robot. Juuma almost succeeds, but Great Mazinger destroys his robots and finishes him off together with Mazinger Z.

Mazinger Movie MonstersEdit


The primary antagonist of Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo, Gilgilgan is a tortoise-like bioweapon from outer space used to conquer Japan primarily by living on a diet of nothing but metal and slowly grows larger into two other forms. It possesses an extremely thick hide that prevents most attacks from harming it and for attacks it can fire yellow eye beams and green poison from its mouth that acts like a very strong acid. In his second form Gilgilan adds the ability to move underwater with the powers of his first form still intact. Once it eats its creator Gilgilgan will change into its third form which appears more like a demon where it can fly and its powers include finger lasers, bladed wings that can also fire energy beams, and has three whip-like tails.

Gilgilgan appears in various Super Robot Wars as well as a Banpresto original fourth form called Mecha Gilgilgan based on its third form that serves as the final boss in the first Super Robot Wars game and appears in other titles with the other forms. Mecha Gilgilgan's powers primarily consist of its ultra sharp claws, its wing beams, and very powerful waves of gravity from its body.

Grangen, Bong, and PikadronEdit

There are three alien monsters that serve as the antagonists of Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: Clash in The Sky. They were created by the Mysterious Invaders, the same race that created Gilgilgan in the previous movie. In Go Nagai's Dynamic Heroes the aliens were referred to as the Damdom and were revealed to be the arch enemies of the Vegan Empire from UFO Robo Grendizer.

  • Grangen: Capable of flying and is armed with tentacled fingers, a bladed boomerang, and eye beams from its eyes capable of blinding enemy pilots. It is the only organism of the alien trio. It makes an appearance in Super Robot Wars MX.
  • Bong: Is armed with military vehicle style weapons on its body including a tank cannon-like flamethrower on the torso, normal sized tank cannons all around the body, a drill for the right arm, eye beams, and has jets for feet. It is the only machine of the alien trio. It also appears in Super Robot Wars MX.
  • Pikadron: The main antagonist of the movie and is made entirely out of light waves, making it impossible to kill unless it is solidified and will absorb energy to turn into its super form. Powers include electric balls from the mouth, emitting electricity, extendable tentacle fingers, an electric beam from its mouth, and in its super form it can fire seven electric beams from the chest and horns. Unlike its two cohorts it appears throughout various Super Robot Wars games and in them gains the ability to make clones of itself by being divided and can swim underwater, however it lacks its super form.


The main antagonist of Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Monster of The Ocean Floor, the Dragonsaurus is an ancient reptilian animal that grew to large sizes from the oil it consumes with maximum size being 550 meters and 40,000 tons. Dragonsaurus is armed with seven serpent-like tentacles that can extend very long distances and are used as its primary attack. Dragonsaurus also has extremely potent regeneration that allows it to regrow its seven serpent-like tentacles in a matter of seconds and is strong enough to make it extremely resistant if not immune to electric attacks like Double Spazer's Cyclone Beam and acid attacks like Grendizer's Melt Shower. Dragonsaurus's body also has a high resistance to beams and absorbs projectiles such as missiles through its skin where they fail to detonate. To move on land Dragonsaurus possesses the ability to levitate, but also uses its tentacles to create hurricane force winds.

Dragonsaurus later appears in various Super Robot Wars titles as a boss and in Super Robot Wars Reversal and Super Robot Wars MX is given a powerful sonar attack.

Saucer BeastsEdit

Saucer Beasts (enbanjuu) are the first monsters of the week from the anime series UFO Robo Grendizer. For the first fifty two episodes of the series the saucer beasts were the primary vanguard invasion forces until they were replaced by Vega Monsters in episode 52 and onward starting with King Gori.


For the first twenty seven episodes saucer beasts were under the command of Blaki and occasionally a Vegan mercenary, although a few have artificial intelligence and can function without a pilot. As of episode 28 saucer beasts started to be under the command of Zuril and possessed more non-conventional weapons, making them more efficient than the ones commanded by Blaki. This partly due to a fatal wound Duke received before the series that could kill him at any time caused by the radioactive material Vegatron, making radiation attacks more lethal as it speeds up the process of Vegatron. The majority of saucer beasts can fly primarily by reverting into their saucer forms, some of which have a buzzsaw hidden in them while in this mode.

List of Saucer BeastsEdit

Episode Beast(s) Powers
01 Girugiru Green mouth flames, pink eye beams, spear legs, strong jaws, and head detachment. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode
02 Gamegame A red heat ray from the mouth and purple lightning bolts from its bull-like horns. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
03 Balbal White eye lasers and armored claws that can withstand the spin saucer. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
04 Gorugoru Twin heads, green mouth flames, an energy net, strong jaws, body missiles, head detachment, and an orange laser from the body. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
05 Domudomu Chains spawned from the hands, suction winds from the head, a pink heat ray from the body and underside, and limited reformation. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
06 Damdam Powers include tentacle suction and hurricane force winds, a hole at the underside, a retractable claw in the underside armed with a yellow laser, flames from the underside hole and tentacles, blue smokescreen from the mouth, green eye beams, and strong jaws. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
07 Gingin/Fuifui Pink eye lasers, can use saucer mode arms as shields, and probes with infrared. Possesses a pair of buzzsaw in saucer mode and is one of the few saucer beasts to use its buzzsaws when not in saucer mode. (Gingin) Elbow blades, white mouth lasers, and a bladed boomerang from the back. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Fuifui)
08 Daldal Cannons around the body, red mouth lasers, and extendable tentacles on the underside. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
09 Jilljill Electric shocks using red electricity and a green energy beam from the head. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
10 Guriguri Spear spider-like arms, a red buzzsaw in the scalp, can use arms like buzzsaws, can launch spear arms to keep opponents in place while producing electric shocks, and purple eye lasers. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
11 Baribari Green energy rays from in the saucer mode discs, dual red lasers from the right arm disc, and extendable spikes. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
12 Ganigani Icy breath, drill-like tentacles, a large missile from the back, and a pair of harpoon launchers. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
13 Gelgel A yellow solar powered heat ray from the chest and can use the saucer discs as shields. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
14 Doridori A red laser from the underside, a thorny tentacle for the right arm, and can launch its left arm. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
15 Garugaru The right saucer disc being used as a shield, an energy crossbow for the left hand, chains ideal for restraining, and pink lightning bolts from the eyes. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
16 Furufuru A blue laser from the head, acid resistance, a flamethrower in the mouth, and razor sharp claws. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
17 Gibagiba Energy beams from its movable spikes, a double sided lance that shoots purple lightning bolts, and pink eye lasers. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
18 Gadegade Burrowing, strong jaws, green flames from the mouth, saucer-like segments that can breakdown, spin, levitate, and fire white energy beams, and can constrict by coiling. Unlike other saucer monsters it does not have a saucer mode.
19 Gozugozu A green energy field that can burn through asteroids and ice, twin red electric lasers from its forehead and sides, a spear it can summon by clapping, and twin ice beams on its forehead. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
20 Bedobedo Bladed wings, yellow eye beams, and a trident stored in the torso. Unlike other saucer beasts its saucer mode resembles a crescent rather than an actual flying saucer. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
21 Gedogedo Electric antennae bolts and pink antennae beams. Unlike other saucer beasts its saucer mode resembles a submarine rather than an actual flying saucer. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
22 Girogiro An orange mouth beam, a magnetic energy field shot from its forehead, and five missile cannons hidden in the torso. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
23 Gisugisu Swimming, pink horn electric bolts, thick armor, red missiles from the retractable head shield, and four harpoons hidden in the torso. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
24 Dogudogu Launcing its saucer pieces like boomerangas, pink bolts from the right claw hand and antler that exceed the Gravity Storm, pink flames from the feet saucer pieces, and acid resistance. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
25 Daridari Possesses no known powers due to being destroyed by Naida, Duke's fiance from Fleed, in a kamikaze attack.
26 Gidogido A yellow force field, hot rocks from the body, lightning bolts from the underside, thick armor, and spiked legs. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
26/27 Uruuru/Hadohado Ax bladed tentacles from the chest, coiling, and yellow eye beams. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Uruuru) Five heads, pink heat beams from the mouths, and can launch its heads to restrain opponents. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Hadohado)
28 Berber Breakdown, matter absorption by sound detection, and a 3-tube missile launcher on the abdomen. Possesses no saucer mode but rather a small hand sized probe form.
29 Deladela Underside tractor beam, disc missiles, eye lasers, electric chained axes in the rib sides, launchable claws from the "thumbs", and yellow mouth flames. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
30 Godagoda Horizontal bisecting, a drill for the lower left arm, aqua radiation bolts from the twin heads, finger missiles, and thick armor.
31 Lailai Minifo storage, dual missile launchers, sharp talons, and pink electric bolts from the mouth. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
32 Zauzau Holograms, shoulder missiles, laser cannons at the waist, burrowing, pink forehead beams, a pink radiation beam from the mouth, and head detachment. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
33 Zarizari Pincer claw arms, sharp forehead horn, electric horn bolts, mouth flames, and whip tail. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
34 Gomegome/Gongon Four laser cannons. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Gomegome) Right hand pendulum blade, pink energy cannonc from the body, a pink heat ray from the chest, agility, pink eye beams, and thick armor. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Gongon)
35 Bunbun Vaporizing eye flashes, a large retractable drill on the torso, pink back lasers, red toxic gas from the drill, egg bombs, red electric bolts from both mouths, sonic eye rings, three missile launchers in each wing, white electric bolts from the head, and electric resistance. Unlike other saucer beasts its saucer mode resembles an egg rather than an actual flying saucer. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
36 Jirajira Electric horn beam, thick armor, tentacle right fingers, and using the upper disc as a shield. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode, this one strong enough to slice an asteroid in half.
37 Gangan Underside abduction beam, left arm radiation cannon, thick armor, and pink radiation eye lasers. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
38 Doidoi Left arm electric whip, sharp horn, horn electric bolts, and pink anntenae energy bolts. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
39 Ullaulla Egg-like storage capsule, dual electric bolt cannons, upper body 3-tube missile launcher, pink mouth flames, thick armor, a whip tail, and capture cables from the electric bolt cannons. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
40 Buibui Sonic eye beams, red energy field, extendable arms, sharp claws, using the saucer discs on its feet as buzzsaws, lava and rock absorption through the holes on its body, and mouth flames. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
41 Gamogamo Sharp talons, sharp beak, purple horn energy bolts that rival the Space Thunder, bolt split, can create hurricane force winds from its saucer discs, swimming, and green acid from the mouth. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
42 Gaugau Using the saucer discs as shields, yellow eye beams, and swimming. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
43 Gumegume Swimming, searchlight eyes, torpedoes from the back, a pink heat ray on the torso, pink eye bolts, and extendable mace arms.
44 Dozudozu Green heat horn bolts, speed, x-ray vision, sharp claws, energy resistance, mouth flames, extendable shoulder spikes, and saber teeth. Dozu Dozu is actually three smaller monsters instead of one big one. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
45 Godogodo Killer robotic ants with green acid, scythe arms, and phase through projectiles, using saucer discs like shields, foot missiles, and an extendable mace tail. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
46 Garigari Yellow eye lasers and scythe claws. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
47 Gadogado Breakdown, swimming, shoulder spike missiles, orange heat rays, and thick armor. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
48 Dakudaku Yellow eye beams, burrowing, green adhesive slime from the mouth, back spike energy beams, and segment separation. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
49 Dekideki Force field and using its saucer discs like boomerangs and shields. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode, although its saucer discs are bladed.
50 Fubifubi Electric mace staff with extendable chain, back buzzsaw boomerang, mace launch, left wrist spike missiles, and pink forehead horn beams.
51 Garegare Arm spike missiles, yellow sonic blades from the mouth, thick armor, electric surges, and three electric cables in the torso.
52 Guruguru/Domodomo Sharp claws, spike missiles on saucer discs, and horn lightning bolts. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Guruguru) Pink eye lasers and mouth missiles. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode. (Domodomo)

UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great MazingerEdit

Three saucer beasts were used in the short film UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger, all of which also appeared in various Super Robot Wars games.

  • Jinjin: Powers include a pair of hooks for arms, a tractor beam on its underside, and a 3-tube missile launcher on the chest. Does not possess a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
  • Gubigubi: Powers include its spikes saucer disc arms that can be used in a boomerang-like fashion and spear-like spider legs. Possesses a buzzsaw in saucer mode.
  • Koakoa: Powers include flight, energy rays from its three eyes, and is made entirely of energy. It is one of very few saucer beasts without a saucer mode of any kind.

Vega MonstersEdit

Vega Monsters (vegajuu) are the second monsters of the week from the anime series UFO Robo Grendizer. First appearing in episode 52 with King Gori, the vega monsters completely replaced the saucer beasts as the primary antagonists for the series.


After the destruction of Vega in episode 52, King Vega and what was left of the Vegan Empire made their base on the far side of the moon and forced the construction of large cybernetic monsters based on actual animals with cybernetic components to form the vega monsters. It should be noted that unlike the saucer beasts the vega monsters were actually capable of applying physical damage to Grendizer. All saucer beasts either originate from the far side of the moon or were constructed in an underwater base that lasted from episodes 60 to 67. Like the saucer beasts, the vega monsters were often piloted, sometimes by vegan mercenaries although some were capable of functioning without a pilot.

List of Vega MonstersEdit

  • King Gori: Appears in episodes 52 and 53. Powers include strength, horn drill, and thick armor. Is based off of a gorilla and is partly a homage to King Kong.
  • Banibani: Appears in episode 54. Powers include levitation, whip head tentacle, sharp talons, mouth flames, swimming, electric shocks from the whip head tentacle, and homing torpedoes from the back. Is based off of a hawk and snake.
  • Guregure: Appears in episode 55. Powers include swimming, 3-tube guided torpedo launcher in the torso, size increase, whip tail, and electric pulse in the wings. Is not based on an animal, although it is compared to the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Daidai: Appears in episode 56. Powers include burrowing, swimming, grab pincer claws, and blinding foam from the underside. Is based off of a king crab.
  • Zamizami: Appears in episode 56. Powers include flight, 3-tube missile launchers in each with, mouth flames, and sharp claws. Is based off of a pterodactyl and resembles the mechasaurus Bado from Getter Robo.
  • Budobudo: Appears in episode 57. Powers include burrowing, electric eye bolts, explosive mouth flames, finger missiles, flight, and armored wings. Is based off of a beetle.
  • Benibeni: Appears in episode 58. Powers include copying any image it sees using a beam from the eyes, armored hands, far jumping, and mouth flames. Is not based off of an animal, although it looks similar to a chupacabra.
    • False Grendizer: Appears in episode 58: Powers include a Spazer, Space Thunder, and Hand Beams.
  • Dakidaki: Appears in episode 59. Powers include flight, shoulder spike bullets, mouth tractor beam, remote centipede, abdomen missiles, and hip discs. Is based off of a lizard.
  • Zunezune: Appears in episode 60. Is essentially a swarm of cybernetically enhanced rats with an enhanced sense of hearing.
  • Guwaguwa: Appears in episode 61. Powers include a horse disguise, a spear that fire missiles and lightning bolts, levitation, 2-tube missile launcher in the torso, super speed, and green horn lasers. Is based off of a centaur and beetle.
  • Goegoe: Appears in episode 62. Powers include flight, extending whip fingers, pink mouth flames, shoulder spiked missiles, and an ax in the abdomen. Is based off of a lizard and bat.
  • Zumezume: Appears in episode 63. Powers include a right hand sword, flight, yellow eye beam, dual freeze rays on the chest, and thick armor. Is based off of a cyclops and aye aye.
  • Gudogudo: Appears in episode 64. Powers include swimming, a vegatron bomb stored in it's mouth, a pink force field from the head fin, pink eye lasers, and four capture cables in the mouth. Is based on a tarantula.
  • Zasuzasu: Appears in episode 65. Powers include flight, cloud disguise, claw bolts, armored pincer claws, green eye lasers, constricting tail, retractable head, blue acid from the tail, and thick armor. Is based off of a centipede.
  • Waguwagu: Appears in episode 66. Powers include swimming, dual missile launchers on the back, thick tail, spike missiles from the armored dorsal fin, can summon giant robotic sawsharks, and capture cable missiles. Is based off of an iguana.
  • Eveeve: Appears in episode 67. Powers include swimming, extending tentacles, electric shocks, and pincer claw arms. Is based off of a jellyfish.
  • Raguragu: Appears in episode 67. Powers include swimming, thick shell, and shell spike drills. Is based off of a hermit crab.
  • Buebue: Appears in episode 68. Powers include cold resistance, flight, bladed wings, hurricane winds from the wings, and icy breath. Is based off of a yeti and bears great similarity to Pikdron from Great Mazinger tai Getter Robot G: Kuchu Daigekitotsu.
  • Gaigai: Appears in episode 69. Powers include flight, mouth flames, thick armor, and an electric curtain beam from the eyes. Is based off of a slug.
  • Gabigabi: Appears in episode 70. Powers include flight, ax right hand, twin electric tentacles on the torso, and mouth flames. Is based off of a bat and ape.
  • Jigajiga: Appears in episode 71. Powers include flight, torso drill, thick armor, and white eye bolts. Is based on a tiger and bat.
  • Gragra: Appears in episodes 73 and 74. Powers include flight, twin torso horn bolts, thick armor, beam absorbing mouth, and mouth flames. Is based on a theropod dinosaur.

Mazinkaiser SKL OVA MechasEdit

The titular mecha of the series, though only called Kaiser by the characters. Unlike the Mazinkaiser featured in the first OAV series, manga, and in video games, this version of Mazinkaiser has a completely different design, sporting a more demonic look. One of the biggest changes is the Kaiser Pilder, the aircraft used to dock onto the crown of Mazinkaiser to control it. It has been renamed as the "Skull Pilder" and redesigned to resemble more of a human skull hence its name. The Skull Pilder also requires two pilots to control it, unlike the Kaiser Pilder where it is controlled by a single pilot. Another notable change is the eyelids having a blue color as opposed to yellow from past Mazingers. A skull in the center of Mazinkaizer SKL's chest is used in place of the "Z" symbol from the original Mazinkaiser.

The weapons for Mazinkaizer SKL are also different from that of the original Mazinkaiser. This incarnation of Mazinkaizer is equipped with a weapon known as the "Ganzantou", a gigantic sword attached to its back. The sword's handle can be extended so it can be used as a pole weapon. The spikes extending at the other side of the Ganzatou's blade is designed to tear apart the innards of its target, as seen in the promotional images.

Another weapon unique to Mazinkaizer SKL are the "Breast Triggers". Attached to Mazinkaizer SKL's chest area, they are a pair of handguns SKL can use to shoot its enemies from mid-range. Blades are also attached to the nozzle and beneath the handle of each handgun, allowing the Mazinkaizer SKL to slash at enemies up close. They can also be merged into a battle axe type weapon akin to the Getter Tomahawk and used as a melee weapon. When the Breast Triggers are not in use, they are holstered to the chest, which forms a resemblance of Devilman's face.

When combined with the Wingle's Scrander the Wing Cross, SKL's limiter is released, allowing it to fight at full power, changing its eye color from blue to yellow, as well as unlocking a new set of weapons, which are variations of those from past Mazingers. The Tornado Crusher Punch is SKL's version of the Rocket Punch, with the difference being that Ken Kaido is able to guide them to their target after they are deployed. The Breast Triggers fire laser beams as opposed to solid rounds. The Rust Stream is SKL's version of the Rust Tornado from Mazinkaiser. The Thor Hammer Breaker allows SKL to shoot a huge bolt of lightning towards its target from the Ganzantou, similar to Great Mazinger's Thunder Break. Finally, the Inferno Blaster is SKL's most powerful attack, acting similar to the Fire Blaster from Mazinkaiser.

The female support robot for Mazinkaizer SKL. The Wingle's design incorporates the female mechas used in the Mazinger franchise (Aphrodite A, Venus A & Minerva X) as well as elements of Devil Lady. It is given a Black and light Purple colors with some gold trimmings. The bat-like wings attached to the rear of the Wingle's head act as a Scrander part for SKL (called the "Wing Cross"), allowing the latter flight capabilities and unlocking its full potential. Like SKL, the Wingle also has a detachable cockpit on its head called the "Lady Falcon", which is piloted by Tsubasa in the anime, and Scarlet in the manga. Its weapons include a pair of detachable blades that can be mounted on the arms or the legs and used as boomerang-type projectiles, as well as a flail stored in the left breast.

Kiba's personal mecha. It is a green colored unit with horns shaped like a Crescent Moon on its head and shoulders, almost resembling a samurai warrior. Like Mazinkaizer SKL, it is a very agile unit despite its heavily armored appearance. It rides a vehicle made of Caterpillar Tracks for faster transport and is equipped with two large cannons on the front, although they were never used in the anime.

A robot hidden within Garan's fortress, it is a secret weapon developed by the WSO and serves as one-half of the Gravity Curtain, having been powered by the same source - the Graviton Reactor. The reactor grants the Iron Kaiser a near-limitless supply of energy as well as incredible speed and power. The overall armored design of the Iron Kaiser is loosely based off Shutendoji, a character from Go Nagai's manga of the same name and sports a red and gray metallic color. It also has a Pilder attached to the robot's cranium, able to transform itself into a discus to slice off its target, similar to some of the enemy mechas found in Grendizer. It's weapons include its own version of the Rocket Punch (Smasher Punch) and Rust Hurricane (Iron Tornado), a double-bladed spear, a Gatling Gun, Missile Launchers, and Shoulder Blasters. The Iron Kaiser is piloted by Kiba in the final battle against SKL.

  • Geistteles

The personal mecha of Garan. It is a large robot with the color schemes of white, gold, and gray. Three horns are attached to its head, with spikes on the shoulder and knee caps and claws for the feet.

  • Psycho Gear

A mass-produced female combat mecha of the Hachiryokaku. It is equipped with Beam Weapons for combat, as well as produce a barrier needed to protect the Hachiryokaku's home base from enemy attacks. The Psycho Gears piloted by the Hurricane, Fancy, Misty, and Flash are unique in which they are in different design stylings.

  • GRK-7

Mass-produced units of Kiba's army. The unit is based on Garada K7, one of the enemy units of Mazinger Z, and carries its signature giant sickles attached to its head. A mono-eyed mechanized head is used in place of a Skull from the original Garada K7 and is given color schemes of purple and light green.

  • DBM-2

Also a Mass-Produced unit of Kiba's army. This unit is based on the enemy mecha Doublas M2, also from Mazinger Z. It retains the dual head design and spikes on the legs. Changes made were to the lizard-like heads being more mechanic, sporting three sets of scopes and a mounting weapon at its mouth. It is given a more desert-style color scheme and a large Gattling Gun is attached to the right hand.

  • X Battler

Garan's personal robot army. This unit is based on KingDan X10, also from Mazinger Z. They are muscular robots with bull-like horns attached to its head. They have various color schemes and also possess a variety of combat weapons, such as lances, glaives, flails, and archery-type weapons.

  • Mazin Brothers

Appearing only in the novel version, the Mazin Brothers are mass-produced versions of Mazinger Z. While it shares the same appearance as the original, it does not possess the same set of weapons. Instead, the Mazin Brother is either equipped with a set of Missile Launchers, or a large Rust Hurricane Backpack as weapons.

  • Mazinger Z

Appearing only in the novel version. This Mazinger Z appears severely damaged as it leads an army of mass-produced versions of itself called the Mazin Brothers in a losing battle against an enemy army. Despite its condition and the grim situation, Mazinger Z continues to battle until the arrival of Mazinkaizer SKL who provides the much needed reinforcement. The pilot of Mazinger Z is not named.