Loli Lolu Shiro Mazinkaizer

Well... Go Nagai did enjoy Playboy mags as a kid...

Lori and Loru are 2 curvy blonde twins from Mazinkaiser and other Mazinger cr-p. Threy are kinda like Hello Nurse from Animaniacs as they got super dynamite bods but are smart and cool and skilled.


In the MazinKaiser OAV series, the twins first appear as assistants to Prof. Gennosuke Yumi and the objects of affection by Koji Kabuto, Shiro Kabuto and Boss due to their busty physiques, much to the annoyance of Sayaka Yumi. In Mazinkaiser OVA 4 they show up in skimpy swimwear and seduce Koji but it p-ssed off Sayaka. Thry also do stuff wth Shiro even though hes like in grade school. oh japan...

Mazinkaiser vs The Great General of Darkness‏‎Edit

In here the Million Alpha is piloted by Lori and Loru. Despite being part of the Mazinger Army, it does not even have a passing resemblance to Mazinger Z. It has the ability to fly at high speeds and fire beams from a special device located behind its face. The Million Alpha can also use its spike-like arms in melee combat. The cockpits for the twin sisters were placed in the t-tschest of the robot, in a similar way to Marquis Yanus's robot. In the Mazinkiser vs The Dark General OVA, both Lori and Loru die piloting the mecha when they are crushed to death by General Birdler‏‎ in their cockpits, but they also destroy the flying fortress Mikeros when they ram the general into the vessel and self-destruct.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z HenEdit

Loli Lolu Million Alpha Mazinger Edition Z The Impact

In Mazinkaiser they were thiccer

In here the Twins are pilots of the Million α (Alpha). The twins are supporting characters in Shin Mazinger as members of the Mazinger Army who are seen killed in battle in the pilot episode. The two later met a similar fate during battle against the armies of Ankoku Daishogun.