Go Nagai has published alot of manga. Within these works he sometimes often adds in a character who appear multiple times and appear in other manga.

Many of his fans seem to like this because it is seen as cool to see their favourite characters in different situations .

Examples of crossoversEdit

Violence Jack is a prime example of this. For instance, Ryo Asuka's sister and her friends are based on the primary identities of Cutey Honey. One chapter is a retelling of Mazinger Z with the cast (including humanized versions of the mecha) as martial artists! Oh, and Kekko Kamen shows up in a cameo.

In Shin Cutey Honey, Akira Fudo has a cameo in OAV 7 and Danbei Hayami has been rebuilt as cyborg by Professor Juzo Kabuto which resembles a mini Mazinger Z.
Danbei Z

Danbei GO Danbei GO Da-n-bei ZEEEEEEEE!!

Speaking of Danbei Hayami, he appears (or rather is prototyped) in Abashiri Family as the character Daemon Abashiri. They even share the same Voice actor!

in Devilman(TV) Sayaka Yumi shows up like twice(once in a bikini).

That time everyone went Chibi