Lala, cute but stupid.

Lala is a demon from the Devilman TV series. She has the curious abilty to remodel matter with her hands. She is regarded as cute in appearance but is actually quite old. When she sneezes the skin on her face will sag until she remodels it into place. She lacks intimidating abilities and is too stupid to be considered a threat to anyone.

She is in love with Devilman and believes that his attemps to avoid her are because he is too shy reveal his (nonexistant) romantic feelings for her. She and Miki Makimura become rivals of sorts for Akira's attention, and she loves to tease Miki (which enrages Miki).

Lala is voiced by Kazuko Sawada, who is also notable for being the voice of Shiro in Mazinger Z and Junpei in Cutie Honey.

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