for the bf of Jun Asuka see Kurata Ohnami
Jack04 331

And to think, they've been going w/o much food for a while, and he's still that fat!

Kurata was a fat F who was in the mall that sunk to become Evil Town. He joined Section A and mo les ted some supermodels so they made Section C. Later he and Kinichi jacked a big piece of ham and were caught by Kawamori. They tried to escape but Kinichi got capped. Kurata went to Section B using the ham as a peace offering. He got his fat a55 kicked and is killed by Mad Saulus. In the manga Kinichi wasn't there and he gets beat up by some chick in a leather bikini/leather undies and runs back to Section A after Violence Jack is freed.


  • Another character named Kurata is in Iron Virgin Jun. He's a good guy
  • In the manga and japanese/italian anime he's often called a pig (cuz he's a fat F)

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