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Kikunosuke Abashiri is a tough chick who fights often in the nude from Abashiri Family.


Kikukosuke butt college

During her fight with Mademoiselle Honey, she has a temporary case of butt-expansion

Here she's the only chick born to the Abashiri Family in a long time. She was raised as a dude but came out as a chick on her 16th birthday. Her dad Daemon Abashiri has her go to Paradice School to learn how to be a real lady. The school turns out to be a h-llhole and she fights/kills some ugly guys but gets kinda mo les ted with a dude jamming his huge slimy gooy squishy tongue down her throat. Her only friend/possible yuri lover Yukiko Shirane kisses it better and later gets captured. Kikunosuke starts a rebellion against the cruel overlords (like in America in 1776 or the confederates in 1861) and they form a new leadership that's worse than the last one (like east Germany after ww2). She gets mo les ted again and her gf gets iced trying to save her. After her brothers save her, she kills the guy who slagged her gf. She winds up overcoming her gender issues and has a son (also named Kikunosuke) who play's in the park with her and her dad. Oh and she's got this ki blast that horribly one hot kills anyone it busts.


""Someone fill this in. Its pretty crazy""


  • She is kind of the 1st of many Go Nagai chix who fight nude and kick a55.


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