Your butt is feed to my brutes!

Kibara Crushed

Better the belly than the butt.

A human male from the King of Brutes arc of Violence Jack who is the main antagonist. He leads an army of beasts and men who act like beasts and feeds them human remains of his victims. He wears a crocodile or alligator head on his head so his face is coming out the throat and the mouth is open. He also has war paint, wears a Black cloak and has a spear. He rules the Kibara kingdom of the jungle in what was left of Kanto after the earthquake and rides an elephant on his conquests. He lusts after curvy nude women and often has a few around him when he isn't surrounded by men with rhino horn cod pieces(just like jungle de ikou). He feeds a couple to his jaguar but only the guy gets his guts ripped out and eaten and later kills the fist of the north star the tribe of the north forest so they do not grow powerful. He kills the Village of Mu and feeds the children to his brutes(animals) while taking the women and putting them in humiliating positions(which they don't mind since, being models, they are used to being nude and looked at). Shingo Hibiki as Violence Jack comes in and starts killing his men so he frees his brutes on Jack (they all get chopped up). He is killed offscreen by Shingo/Jack and is crushed by his elephant(the animal. Not his male organ).