Keiko is the sexy sensei who teaches school to kids in the wasteland in Hope Town even though theres no society (as you need to know grammer and long division in Mad Max).

Violence Jack Hell's Wind‏‎Edit

Keiko Anime

That outfit is I good condition despite being in a wasteland w/o soap. Hope it stays that way.

In here she teaches a buncha little c-ck suckers grade school cr-p in the ruins of society. Saburo Tenma has a b0ner for her and when Hell's Wind attacks Hope town she hides with Saburo's rents. Hell's Wind busts in like da kool aids guy and capture her. They start mo les ting her and getting her nude when Jun attacks and drives em out(but they take Keiko). Then Violence Jack (Character) saves her curvy nude a55 and she spends the next buncha years with Saburo.

The sequel(w/e its called in Japanese)Edit


Her organs came out from getting capped. Hard core.

In here she's teaching a class and a samurai comes in and gets her nude. But a huge buff (like the wrestler in Streets Of Rage 2) Saburo comes in and wastes him. He was sent by the Slum King and Saburo goes around killing more Slum King grunts. Some ugly dude comes in and b0nes keiko and tattoos her so Saburo busts in and slags him. They get shredded by gunfire but Jack sends a Golden Bird to fuse with Saburo to ice the homies who wacked them. Afterward Saburo survives but Keiko don't. Too bad. She was sexy.

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