Kapaeru is a demon from Enma-Kun who helps out Enma-Kun. He's a Kappa who is often the comic relief of the series. For the Enpi-Chan manga chick, see Kapako



Put some undies on Yuki! What are you?! That chick from Degrassi?

  • In Violence Jack The Enma-Kun cast shows up as realistic humans or w/e. In here he's a SCUBA guy and meets with Yukiko and Enma and later trys to make out with Yukihime's crotch. He later spray's a naked chick who catches with with her fangry mouth with his SCUBA mask and she turns bad skin. Later he appears to go full kappa and f's female violence jack and she busts through him and crawls out his back covered in his blood and guts. Its pretty bad a55. You wont see those fruits from Yugioh Arc-V being awesome like dat. They just go emo and b--ch about their friendships or how their pendulum cards s-ck. Where was I? Something about nake chix or something.

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