Jun Hono Mazinkaiser

This image was from a Fanservice site

A bi-racial girl from Great Mazinger. She has a Black father and Japanese mother and pilots the Robot Venus A to protect Japan. She may have feelings for Tetsuya Tsurugi.


  • Violence Jack: In Violence Jack Hell's Wind is some dude named Tetsuya who's in love with (and probably b0ning) a chick named Jun. They gets caught by Hell's Wind and he gets FREEKIN CHAINSAWED DEAD!!(in the manga the gang only hassled them and they lost control of their car and crashd(jun fell out and didn't blow up))(also in dA MANGA the bikers killed him b4 the quake f'd japan). Jun went bada55 and went after em later. it didn't go well. Later (in da manga) she has a trippy encounter with Violence Jack (Character) and after getting shredded with gunfire, is healed of all scars and trauma.

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