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Jun Fudo

Manga version

Jun Fudo (不度 ジュン, Fudō Jyun) is the protagonist of Devil Lady.

Manga versionEdit

She is a school teacher, who during a Demon attack is raped and turned into a powerful Demon herself. She spends her time coping with her humanity, and sexuality. She helps Lan Asuka's organization in hunting down other demons. Traveling through the nine circles of Hell she encounters Devilman (who had died at the end of the manga series). She discovers from him that the world was once destroyed and had reborn in a time/dimensional flux.

Anime versionEdit

Jun Fudo Transformed Anime

The same guys who animated this also did animaniacs, TMS

Humans become infected with a disease known as Devil-Beast Syndrome. Jun is a model for an agency, but is recruited by Lan Asuka to help her hunt down the Devil-Beasts. Along the way she adopts a young girl named Kazumi Takiura whose family was murdered by Devil-Beasts. Sexual tension builds between the two, but she is killed after she saves Jun from some powerful Devil-Beasts. During the end of the series, she has sex with Lan Asuka and is sent into purgatory. Absorbing the suffering from the pillar of despair, she uses her Giga form and rises from the ashes to defeat Lan Asuka.

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