The main character from Iron Virgin Jun. She is strong and tough virgin. Despite her name, she isn't the child of Lan Asuka and Jun Fudo.


Jun Asuka Manga Bikini

Jun Asuka isn't only another curvy beauty.

Jun is a tall and attractive young girl, constantly considered very cute and beautiful. She has is fair-skinned with blue-eyes and blond (black in the anime) straight hair. Her hair reaches her mid-back and is usually tied with ribbon to hold it up in a high-ponytail on the back. Jun is slender in stature yet sports a rather developed and curvaceous frame with a slim waist, flared hips, and a sizeable bust. Most prominent about her appearance is her lean but surprisingly well-muscled and defined built from her intense years of martial arts and body-building. Because her muscles are not so large as to overwhelm her feminine side, her built is unnoticeable when covered up by anything more than a bikini or spandex.


Jun Asuka Anime Blonde

Manlier than most anime guys created today!

Someone fill this in onegai desu.


At the start of the manga she is chained to a big wood thing and Kurata Ohnami comes in and feeds her/brings her a toilet to whiz in (after taking off her track pants and being nervous at doing it). while bringing the toilet on wheels out, a man with a Macrophallus (Someone who can read Japanese please translate the name and make it a link here onegai desu) who wants to her what Blue did to Aila Mu but Jun snaps out of her chains and uses wrestling to save her butt. In the next chapter, Jun is pumping iron and has a shower and later has a bikini wrestling match with her monster of a mother and pulls her moms cups and chucks her on a car with Maki Asuka, Jun's aunt just coming out of it and Jun. Later while the two girls have a nude pool swim, Maki flirts with Kurata, making Jun kicks her into the pool and leaves. After dinner, where Maki talks about the jungle, Jun and Kurata go to the Jungle with Maki and Jun freaks out when a snake comes near here(snakes are pretty phallic as seen in one of the Cutey Honey mangas). After falling asleep for no reason she wakes up with chains holding her in a weird position(like Aila Mu in the Kibara village) and Maki is getting f'd by 2 men at once. Maki was pulling Jun's shirt off when an egyptian man (I think is called Amenhotep) saves her by pulling a shotgun on them and Jun slugs Maki after snapping off the chains. After getting home and bikini wrestling with her mom she goes out with Kurata and 100 million yen her pop gave him and at a creapy house they run into Ryo Asuka dressed as a magician. He takes them to a club and hypnotizes her and touches her left chest but she snaps out of it and politely says no. The next day she and Kurata are in their dump of a home and Jun makes breakfast. After a Day out, Akira Fudo KO's Jun with a gut punch. He takes her to Ryo who takes her to his place and chains her up/gags her for demonic purposes and when a Goat masked man comes in and trips, it is revealed that he is a old man who cries in Juns lap. Jun breaks free of the chains and comforts him and the next day she goes home and has instant Ramen. (someone who can understand what the newspaper said and what the reason was for Jun hiding her identity or why people were after her please fill this in onegai desu)

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