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A biker babe from the Violence Jack manga and the Violence Jack Hell's Wind OVA. She has dark hair and a scar(s) on her skin from having a rough life.


Jun Biker anime

Well...scars are kinda cool

After the world went all Hokuto No Ken, she and her boyfriend Tetsuya were traveling across the wasteland in a jeep at night when they ran over a biker who may have kied them. So the rest of the Biker Gang Hell's Wind comes after them and busts their jeep. They proceed to Chainsaw Tetsuya to death and offscreeen things to her. Afterward, she is traumatized and goes all Batman and becomes a wasteland warrior who is uber skilled with a bow and arrow and explosives. She later is training with target practice on cans of name brand soda and Violence Jack is walking by. Despite hiding behind a tree, Jack notices her and makes a scary face and freaks her out. She goes off somewhere after hearing an explosion and later drives Hell's Wind away from Hope Town with Bomb Arrows and starts chasing them down to kill them. She gets delayed with a few members stay behind to stop her(but they all get wacked) and when she catches up to where the bikers were she finds Vioence Jack shot up like swiss cheese. Somehow, Saburo Tenma and her are able to bring Jack back to town and bandage him up. She goes to the Biker gangs home base but gets captured and cut up a bit by Joker with his big knife until Jack gets a headshot in the back of Joker's head. she is last seen in the back of a pick up truck under a blanket(she is alive but more scarred).


Hell's WindEdit

Jack02 412

BOOM! Headshot!!!

In here, she and Tetsuya were driving at night when Hell's Wind attacts and roughs their car up while they are all going down the road at mid-high speed. Tetsuya loses control and the car falls off an overpass and explodes(but Jun falls out before it goes boom). After finding out it was Hell's Wind that was responsible, she gets dressed in leather and bcomes a biker. Then the earthquake that turned the world into Mad Max happens and she survives(but gets a single cheek scar after the timeskip after the earthquake). she is naked and curvy taking a bath in a pond or lake or marsh and notices Violence Jack and hides but he turns into a golden bird offscreen and flys away. Later, Jun shows up and uses Dynamite Arrows to blow up a few members of Hell's Wind and scare them out of town. She then starts chasing them and whips out a machine gun and kills some more. Jun gtakes off her top and whips out some handguns and kills a few more before coming across a gunned down Jack and (after a talk with Saburo Tenma) goes after Hell's Wind. A Biker surprizes her by attacking from a crack in the ground and grabbing her motercycle wheel while its still running and throwing it with his bare hands(WTF?!?!!?). She is then stripped naked and tied above a fire (one rope per limb, each in a different direction) and the heat goes up to her crotch. They then start whipping her and are about to chuck a knife into her when Jack gets a jack knife headshot on the knife holder. After Jack kills Hell's Wind, she sees him off when Hope Town says goodbye to him before going on her own path.

?? ?? Dragon ChapterEdit

Jun Trippy Healing

Uwhoaaaaa man....

In here, she saves Violence Jack from Black Lion rejects samurai with guns and explosives with her motercycle and side car that is large enough for Violence Jack. They enter a forest but are ambushed with rocket launchers and machine guns. Jack trys to defend Jun but she gets shot up and Jack uses a Golden Bird distract the samurai with a Solar Flare blinding magic flash to escape. Jun has a trippy naked healing experience and all her wounds(even her past face scar) are fixed and she wakes up in a park on a bench with an energy thing of Jack and his golden bird in her hand.

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