Iron Virgin Jun Title

Iron Virgin Jun is an anime by Go Nagai and despite the title it is NOT X rated(its more pg-pg13 like WWF pro-wrestling). The name (Tetsu No Otome Jun) is a play on the band Iron Maiden (Tetsu=Iron No=of Otome=virgin/maiden or maiden of iron). The manga is pretty 18+ with b0ning and n00d scenes and b00bz.




  • Ginnai Doma shows up near the start with da ninjaz. He's also missing his left eye and its got a cool lookin scar.
    Jun vs Ginnai Doma Clone

    b00t 2 da head!

  • The blonde Golden Cherry Boy looks kinda like Ryo Asuka (which makes sense as he's in the manga as "a cousin of a cousin" and tries some weird demon thing.


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