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Illuge is a minor demon fom the origonal Devilman manga, she attacks Akira Fudo and Ryo shortly after Ryo had explaind the fate of his father, she and two other demons follow and chase them to Ryo's house.Illuge is the first demon that Akira ever encounters and also fails to kill (altough he may have later killed her as Amon). However in the anime adaption Devilman:The Birth she is killed by Ryo when he blows up his car.


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Devilman GrimoireEdit


Illuge's disguise.

In the most recent devilman manga Illuge appears in disguise as a young teenage girl and she meets up with a boy named Susumu and a man named Mr. Death Mask, as the night quitend down she and Susumu go home and Illuge apparently eats him whilst haveing sex. On her way home she meets back up with Mr. Death Mask who turns out to be Jinmen in disguise, the two battle but Jinmen rips her apart and she becomes part of his shell.

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