Houjou Souun (北条早雲), Hōjō Sōun, Hojo Soun or Souun Houjou and similar variations, is the name of an historical manga created by Go Nagai & Dynamic Pro based in the first head of the Houjou clan in the Sengoku period Hōjō Sōun.

Manga informationEdit

Title: Houjou Souun (北条早雲)
Original run: 2004-12-17 ~ 2005-05-05
Original magazine/publication: Zoukan Ran TWINS Sengoku Busho Den (増刊乱TWINS戦国武将伝)
Original publisher: LEED Publishing Co., Ltd. (リイド社)


Hojo Soun (2005)
Tankonbon number: 1
Date: 2005-11-24
Publication's line: SP Comics (SPコミックス)
Publisher: LEED
ISBN-10: 4845829010
ISBN-13: 978-4845829019

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