Hope Town

Where'd they get all those barrels? Donkey Kong?

Hope Town is a Japanese village where people live in peace after the apocalypse in Violence Jack. It gets attacked by Hell's Wind and they f up the town until Jun coms in and drives em out. Jun and Saburo Tenma bring back Violence Jack (Character) and the townies later bring him to fight the bikers. He brings back the captured Keiko and Jun and leaves, inspiring Saburo to get ripped by lifting big a55 rocks to turn into a big beefy hulk.

It has people bartering and trading items instead of using money and theres even a school where some hot babe teaches the wasteland kids math and other cr-p that wont really help em. Oh and most things are made outta wood and junk and they have trees (where people get hung) and a well to get water. Its pretty good for a place w/o electricity and sega.

Known ResidentsEdit

the rest don't have names


  • Crash Town from Yugioh 5D's seems a bit like this. No? Maybe a bit?
  • Hokuto no Ken villages are a lot like this with them getting attacked by bikers and bada55 heroes saving em.
  • In the manga its shown that some residents do pokemon battles cockfights.
  • Theres a lotta fat people here. Saburo's mom, Saburo, a ew background characters. They can afford to eat!
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Go Blaziken! use Slash!

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