Basic InfoEdit

A character from Violence Jack in the Hyper Grapler arc. She is a buff(about Goku level) gladiator like woman in a Saint Seiya like tournament who bears a resembelence and similar destiny to(fill in that guy who appears in other Jack chapters that looks female's name here). She wears a spikey bikini-like armour that covers very little of her curvy body and shows off her muscular curves/battle scars (this is often covered with a cloak). She is rather strong(like Jun Asuka and can bend the rod that is used to hold weight lifting weights with her bare...hands.

What she does in the MangaEdit

Fire venus

Like Naga the Serpent and Kenshiro's daughter(since she's buff and wears a spikey Bikini)

She starts out walking past (insert guys name here as a link) and talks for a bit before showing off her buff bod and talking some more...and then...she walks away. Later, she is in a city and (with one hit) kills a dude who may have wanted to do...things to her. Later, she is at a gym and bends a weight lifting rod with her hands and, when its her turn in the tournament) busts a dude(not with her big bust though). After the fighting, she finds (insert guys name here as a link) after his shower and they have a hot love scene(with fire symbolism) scene was videoed and watched by the bad guys behind the tournament(like with Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee but with more muscles and they didn't know it was being taped). A guy who resembles Peeping Spider(from New Cutey Honey) uses some kind of power to make the dude...get rough...with Fire Venus during scene. After the love scene, the bad guys come up to room but (insert guys name here as a link) gets his armour on and kills them as things are going chaotic in the other place with the other thems. One of the bad guys turns into a snake and wraps around Fire Venus but Violence Jack appears in the other place with the other thems (and it the size of Mazinger Z) and the bad guys(living and dead) kinda faze out in energy bursts and dissappear. Venus and her BF hug and fall into the sea as the island is destroyed by Jack fighting a Demonic dude(someone replace this with the guys name here as a link) and when the reach land, the BF's rival who looks like Ryo Asuka is there and they fight(the BF wins) and the dude with wrapping around him(everywhere!) comes out of nowhere and they have a tearful reunion. Venus notices Jack's bird coming out of her BF and Flying In The Sky(it returned to Jack later(the next page))