Enma is the main protagonist of the Dororon Enma-kun metaseries created by Go Nagai.
Dororon enma-kun 1973

Enma, as seen in the 1973 original anime series, Dororon Enma-kun.

He has returned to the mortal world in order to get rid of the demons that have escaped from the underworld. He is a fire-based demon and he's the nephew of Enma-Daio. His name in Kanji means flame demon and it's read the same way as Enma, the ruler of the underworld.



I used to get the moviesc "The Crow" and "The Craft" mixed up. This aint helping!

  • In Violence Jack The Enma-Kun cast shows up as realistic humans or w/e. In here he's a wizard or something and burns away some samurai. Later he meets the Slum King then meets with Yukiko and Kapaeru. He burns a few more samurai(which sounds like street talk for dooin drugs) and turns 1 into a horrid abomination, which Yukihime freezes and shatters. Man that was f'd up. Its like some weird a55 Urotsukidoji abomination. I mean Go Nagai can make some sexy babes, but also some horrid aberrations! Really ugly sh-t man! Where was I? Oh yeah! So Jack shows up and the trio turn into their Beast-Modes, Enma is a Crow, Kapaeru is a kappa with a big long phallus which he3 uses on girl-jack, and Yukiko is a snake or lizard or something. They fight the Jacks and they all bite it.

This imagine isn't Enma but rather a guy he transformed into some phaIIic monstrosity. WTF Go Nagai!

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