Aila mu and emi

Dat 80s

A chick from Violence Jack Evil Town. She believes in Aila Mu and was a fashion model or something before the quake


She gets stuck in Evil Town after the quake and joined with Section A to avoid being raped by Section B. Then Section A drugged raped her. So the curvy 80s models broke off and started their own group: Section C(not to be confused with a C-section) where they survived until Section A dug up Violence Jack. after Section B had a swap and meet, Emi and the other models showed up and outed Section A as beasts with human masks, which made Jack switch to their side. After Jack freed them from the rock prison, Section B attacked Section A and then moved on to Section C. She escapes to the area before the outside but then Section B comes in and goes XXX on them. After Emi is lesbianed by Tom Cat (which is shown more explicitly in the uncut ova) before jack comes in and rips the lesbianer apart like a bag of chips(and there were chips flying everywhere(and by chips, I mean giblets)). After that, she and the models escape and Emi is the 1st to find out that the city has become a wasteland.

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