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DR chibii

Why is he dressed like Colonel Sanders?!

Dr. Hell Is a mad scientist who wants to take over the world with evil robots. He predates Dr. Wily but the original one was Dr. Rotwang from Fritz Lang's Metropolis(who used a sexy blonde half naked female android to advance his plans.)(oh and there were Bible refs).

Mazinger ZEdit

Mazinger manga dr

Here he's introduced and sends his hermaphrodite henchmen Baron Ashura to take down Dr. Juzo Kabuto‏‎. But Juzo's grandkids Koji Kabuto and Shiro Kabuto get their big a55 robot Mazinger Z up and kick his monsters candy a55es.

Great MazingerEdit

I never saw this so someone else fill it in

UFO Robo Grendizer‏‎ Edit

Was he in this? I never saw this either.


Here he does a full assault and takes Mazinger Z with his hordes of metal monsters. He almost wins, but Koji comes in with Mazinkaiser and f's it up. So he seds several plans to win over a half doze OAV's including sending Gamia Q's to slag Koji, getting Sayaka Yumi nude, and sending Baron Ashura to crossdress as Sayaka's dad. Eventually he dumps Mazinkaiser in a volcano but he survives and faces him in a big a55 mech with Baron Ashura as a piece. Koji pulls a sword out Mazinkaiser's a55 and wins. Then he shoots Dr. Hell in the head (manga) or lets him escape and gets cooked in a asplosion.

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

In here he needs money as his empire is outta cash. He tries to find out what happened with them going Chibi and knows about Ryo Asuka's secret identity. He wants to take over the Chibi worlds and teams up with Ryo ad uses Ryo's "Demonic Express Gold Card" (90009 00071) to fund his cr-p. Ryo uses Dr. Hell's vehicle Ghoul‏‎ and goes to the sun to fight God. Oh and he has the hots for Sirene but turns on her after she dumps him(wait, isn't she way older than him? I mean he's a grown a55 man, but she's an ancient daemon!) After Baron Ashura returns from Violence Jack world he and Dr. Hell have a happy hug.


  • In Violence Jack Manga volume 08 he has a whole chapter as a kung fu guy trying to slag Jim Mazinger and his homies. But Koji's dad Kenzo Kabuto punches him aNd freekin PULLS OUT HIS BEATING HEART AND SHOWS HIM HOW BLACK IT IS B4 HE CRUSHES IT IN HIS BARE HAND!!

Dr. Hell on the bottom and Kenzo Kabuto in the top.

  • Hanappe Bazooka: In Hanappe Bazooka OVA he/she appears for a few secs next to Devilman in a demon thing around 3/5ths through the OVA. It is implied he/she is a demon in here
Devilman Hanappe Bazooka Cameo

Wheres waldo?


  • Dr. Hell is revealed to be German (which is kinda racist as he has yellow eyes and purple skin(kinda like with the Huns in Disney's Mulan how they had black eyes with yellow pupils, gray skin, claws, fangs)). Which kinda explains his name as "Hell" is a real name in Austria and translates to "Bright".

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