A Panther Claw minion from Re: Cutey Honey who is operates on people w/o consent. Her powers include... y;know I think shes just got a surgical fetish. y'ever see "dr giggles"?? same thing. At the start of Re: Cutey Honey OAV 1, she goes in a hospital and wants to combine people With plants and animals or something(FURRY). A Yukiko looking nurse shanks her hand with a scalpel and kicks her candy a55 offscreen! turns out it was Honey Kisaragi and sdoctor panther was captured arrested by Natsuko and put in the police station. Later, Gold Claw revives her (and Destroyer Panther/Scoop Panther) with a lightning thing and they bust up the police station. Honey beats Destroyer as Doctor Panther ties people(including the Principal up and moves her saw/needles at em. Nurse Honey gives Doctor a doll to operate on and jamms a giant a55 needle full of green fluid(re-agent from re animator 1?!) in her head. She survives as shes not human. after beating scoop panther. They ask who she is and Honey has a nude henshin (which scoop panther enjoys), After Honey defeats Destroyer Panther/Scoop Panther/Doctor Panther, the 3 panthers merge (Panther Flash!) into Triple Panther and is 1 hit killed by Honey Kisaragi(with a power rangers style explosion)!

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