The long awaited crossover between Devilman and Getter Robo (no sh-t) Go Nagai and his Dynamic Pro studio launched it in the May issue of Akita Shoten's Monthly Champion RED magazine on April 19.

Devilman vs Getter Robo Manga

We'll, We got Violence Jack vs Enma-kun in the Jack manga.


Chapter 1Edit

It starts with A Dinosaur attack and Michiru Saotome just coming out of the bath... IN DA NUDE!!! wE GET A brief rundown of how Dinosaurs evolved into lizardmen and hid in the earth for 10 million years to escape cosmic rays(theres actual conspiracy theroys about this with the queen and hilery being them). They fight the Machasaur and slag it as Sirene watches. Emperor Gore‏‎ sez the Dinosaur Empires machine land floating in magma is gonna collapse soon and they gotta wipe out humans b4 dat. Then the Demons cotact em and say they both competed for earth in ancient times, but Demons hid in ice and Dinosaurs hid in lava. So they otta team up and the demons will beat getter robo somehow. Akira Fudo and Miki Makimura are traveling w/o parents(well,... Miki is) and visit Saotome Labs. The getter team showers as we see Muashi's big butt in its own panel, the they wanna get beer despite being highschoolers. Michiru introduces the Getter team to her childhood friend Miki Makimua but they are lustier than usual as they were written by Go Nagai and go after Miki (is this going to be Violence Jack Evil Town??) Akira tells em off for scaring her and they fight. After revealing akiras past, Michiru reveals Miki and Akira am her the guest. A storm happens and the Getter Team make Akira stay with them even though hes Miki's bodyguard(and what a body to guard!!). The chapter ends with Miki and Michiru taking a bath in a hot spring as Silene is above em.

Chapter 2Edit

It starts with Silene saying how shes gonna make this place f'd and Akira telling the Getter Team Miki is targeted by demons. (wait, howd they pull him away from Miki in the last chapter?! hes got demon power!!). Miki and Michiru playfully mo lest each other by feeling each others t-ts and Michiru reaches a bit lower (ewwwwwwww) but the demons attack and a Gelmer looking guy called Gelgar starts mo lesting them with water (wtf go nagai!!). The getter guys take on daemons and do pretty well against em despite at 1st thinking they were guys in costumes who can pass through walls. Akira attacks gelmar I mean gelgar and saves miki but Michiru is captured and akira transforms. the security saved the g boys and they go to the getter robo. Gelgar takes a while to decie if he wants to F or eat or kill Michiru and by the time he decides to do all of the above at the same time, Akira busts him. Getter robo busts demons and sees Devilman over Michiru so it takes him on thinking hes a demon. the chapter ends with silene holding Michiru (who has balloon b00bs) saying shes gonna slag the winner between devilmAN VS GETTER ROBO.

Chapter 3Edit

Mechasaurus fused with Demon

That's pretty epic

Devilman fights Getter robo for a bit b4 turning on Silene. Akira saves her and transforms to human w/ bat wings (h-llstinger from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer??). Akira puts the naked chicks to bed and feels its a same to cover their hot nude bods with a blanket. Akira explains that no one human knows his secret but as he fused with Shirenu's bf, they see him as a traitor and shirenu wants to kill miki. Silere licks her wounds from the battle and the Dinosaur Empire sends a buncha Mechasaurus to stop getter robo (yeah cuz that worked so well the 1st hundred or so times you tried it). Getter wastes 3 elite Mechasaurs so Gore decides to work with the demons. The 3 elite Mechasaurus's fuse with demons and attack getter robo. the chapter ends with Akira transforming.

Chapter 4Edit

Getter Queen Devilman Vs Getter Robo Manga

It does pretty much nothing in here.

Devil Getter

I'd love to see that in 16 bit!!

Mecha Demon Shirenu

Her big bust gets its own panel

Getter Robo fights the Demon Mechasaurus's but they are mushy and squish instead of cut from GETTER TOMOHAWK!! So Akira comes in and blasts em with DEVIL BEAM!! In the Lab Dr. Saotome sez they are losing so he sez he made the Getter Queen, a robot with a cockpit that only a woman or chold can use as its too small(what about a Midget??) Also it needs 2 pilots so Miki and Michiru pilot it. Getter robo is doing cr-ppy against the monters but is saved by getter queen and they team up to beat em. But Silene has combined with a mechasaurus demon and is heading for the lab. So Devilman and Getter Robo combine into Devil Getter and it looks sick!! The Lab puts up a Magnetic Barrier but Devil Getter f's up Mechasaurus Demon Silene's monsters with a big a55 axe!! Shirenu blasts through her own guy to nail devil getter but he gets up and nukes her with a getter beam!! but it melts her and she turns into Mecha Demon Silene!! as Silene and the mecha parts survive and her strength survived(like in contra when the boss has another form). She blasts em but they de fuse and Devilman grabs big b00b shirenu. he sez she should be sexy and this body aint. he pulls her out of the mecha saurus fusion as that's how it works in here. Getter robo beats the machine she was fused to and silene thanks her for making her remember Amon (by grabbing her huge b00bz??). She kicks him away and sez she'll kill him next time. Later they say bye and Akira sez he'd like to meet Kotetsu Jeeg or Iron Muscle. Miki suggests Aztekaiser or Battle Hawk but Akira sez it should be Kekko Kamen as they drive off on Akira's Motorcycle.

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