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Akira fudo no parts demon bird oav

That's what I wanna look like... except not crotchless...

Devilman:Demon Bird Sirene (or Devilman: The Demon Bird) is an OAV from 1990 based on the Devilman manga (mainly the 2nd volume). Its got the Jinmen story but they changed it from some girl to Akira Fudo's mom being eaten. (Its got some pretty sick gore of her being ripped apart and her guts falling out). Its also got the battles with Agwel and Gelmer and Akira's final battle with Sirene(and her hermaphrodite fusion with Kaim). Its got pretty awesome animation and music and the English dub is so bad its good, homie! Its also got a few pretty well done nude scenes of Miki Makimura, Akira(but we don't see his thing) and Silere(but she's a harpy or w/e so it don't really count)(nice b00bz though).


You happy you censor-commie butt-popes!? no nips!!


"2 b addid yo"

Shiranu undies

So... can they come off???



"add what you can"


Pretty sure theres none. Might've missed it if there were

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