Devil Getter

Why cant modern Anime be this good?!

Devil Getter is a fusion of Getter Robo and Devilman in Devilman vs Getter Robo. Its faster and stronger than either Devilman or Getter Robo and unlike other Demon Fusions, can separate.

Devil Getter minds

I'd hate to see the p0rn0 Go Nagai Draws... Oh wait...

In chapter 4, Silene has combined with a mechasaurus demon and is heading for the lab. So Devilman and Getter Robo combine into Devil Getter and it looks sick!! The Lab puts up a Magnetic Barrier but Devil Getter f's up Mechasaurus Demon Silene's monsters with a big a55 axe!! Shirenu blasts through her own guy to nail devil getter but he gets up and nukes her with a getter beam!! but it melts her and she turns into Mecha Demon Silene!! as Silene and the mecha parts survive and her strength survived(like in contra when the boss has another form). She blasts em but they de fuse and Devilman grabs big b00b shirenu. he sez she should be sexy and this body aint. he pulls her out of the mecha saurus fusion as that's how it works in here. Getter robo beats the machine she was fused to and silene thanks her for making her remember Amon (by grabbing her huge b00bz??). She kicks him away and sez she'll kill him next time.

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