Dark Panther Honey is the dark manifestation of Misty Honey 's darker emotions as well as the member of the Panther Claw in Cutey Honey F . In truth , she was actually created when Panther Zora gathered all Seira's negative emotions by using her heart , thus creating Dark Panther Honey . Her appearance also immediately heralded the conclusion of Misty Honey arc in Cutey Honey F second season .


Although she was identical with Misty Honey's appearance , the only physical difference between the two was that she have gray skin , black muzzle of her nose , and a yellow eyes with gray irises . In her true form , she have a panther-like face with sharp teeth , as well as her two pairs of sharp claws with red nails on each on her hands . Also , her skin was greenish blue in colour . She also possessed a tail as well .


Because she was created from the rage and jealousy of Seira , Dark Panther Honey was very brutal and ill-tempered . She had no qualms of attacking her enemies in a relentless personality .


Dark Panther Honey made her appearance in Cutey Honey Flash episode 22 , when Panther Zora eventually gathered all of Misty Honey's negative emotions with the help of Seira's heart , and as the result , Dark Panther Honey was created .

When Dark Panther Honey have came into the surface , she then informed Seira that she was seeking the heart , which was once created by Dr Kisaragi . Soon after her conversation with Seira , she then make her way towards [[Prince Twilight's hideout , which spurred Seira into warning Cutey Honey and the others about her plan .

Once Dark Panther reached his place , she immediately attacked Twilight Prince and manages to caught him . However before she do so , Cutey Honey and the others arrive and attack her . Cutey Honey tried to attack her but she easily blocked her attack . After that , she suddenly transform into her monstrous form and she tried to kill both Seira and Dr Kisaragi by spitting out flame toward them but Seiji pushed them away as he in turn , became injured when the flame wounded his back . Seira told Dark Panther Honey to stop her attack , as Dark Panther Honey then changed back into her normal form and offered Seira of her life but Seira refused her offer . Enraged , Dark Panther Honey changed back into her monstrous form and prepare to kill Seira . However ,

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