Danbei Hayami in the original Cutie Honey in 1973

He is a friend of Honey Kisaragi and father of Seiji and Junpei as well as the uncle of Naojiro Hayami.

As the character explains is his first appearance in the orginal Cutey Honey manga, he is an expy of Daemon Abashiri.

Cutey Honey AnimeEdit

someone fill this in. evjoy watching all those c h eps. its got naked chix

Cutey Honey MangaEdit

QTHoney-02 032

His proudest moment

In the manga he 1st meets Honey at the hospital is totally into her(like all guys/girls in this series). Later He and Danbei Hayami find a statue that looks like honey so they mo lest it. turns out, its honey in disguise and she gets p-ssed at em. makes sense. After honey's school gets f'd by Panther Claw she lives with da hayami's and they keep coming in on her while she's taking a bath... IN DA NUDE!!! After honey beats Sister Jill they show up at the end of the manga and find honey nude again. oh Go Nagai... you and your lusts for sexy curvy naked chix.

New Cutey HoneyEdit

Danbei Z

Even on fire his breasts aint as hot as Honey's!

Here he's like 150 and was cyberized by Juzo Kabuto to have traits of various Go Nagai mechs so he could see honey again. H'es got a funky fresh new generation of family with his kid or grandkid Akakabu Hayami, his woman Daiko Hayami and their teen son Chokkei Hayami. They have various fun sexy adventures and he still has a thing for honey and her curvy nude bod.

Cutey Honey FEdit

Danbei flash

I just realized those whiskers on his face are a moustache.

In here he's director or something of honey's school. Also Alphonne is his older sister. someone fill the rest out

Re: Cutey HoneyEdit

Danbei Re cameo

He's got no lines either.

In here he shows up for one scene in Re: Cutey Honey OAV 2 watching tv where Scarlet Claw goes on her broadcast at around 24ish mins in. He's got a cat in this one.

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