Cutey Honey Flash
Cutey Honey Flash Title
Manga information
Kanji キューティーハニー F
Romaji Kyūtī Hanī Furashi
Other names Cutie Honey
Genre Action, Adventure, Magical Girl, Shojo, Romance
Author Yukako Iisaka
Original publisher Shogakukan
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Demographic Shojo
Magazine Ciao
Original run May 26, 1997 – April 23, 1998(10.89 months)

A remake of the original series meant to replace Sailor Moon's time slot after Sailor Moon ended. In it, Honey is a human with magic powers of love as opposed to the more realistic robot with science abilities (but those seem more like alchemy). Another change is that Honey's father Takeshi Kisaragi is kidnapped instead of murdered and Seiji Hayami is Honey Kisaragi's love interest.



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