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Count Blocken Manga

to quote total recall (tv version) quit while ur ahead!

So heres the dealio. this homie was like a ww2 guy but bit it and Dr. Hell fixed him with a flying head. Btw this was before Transformers the Headmasters.

Mazinger ZEdit

somene fill this in. I hasn't seen m z yet dawg wiggle wiggle!

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

Jinmen head Brocken body

My body lies over the ocean...

K so I hasn't seen his ep in a while but in CB Chara Go Nagai World OVA 2‏‎ he goes after Koji Kabuto and plants a bomb in the area or something. I think Gamia Q is sent too and something gets screwed up. He gets aroused when he sees naked Gamia when the Pilder fans blow her cloak open. Jinmen's head attaches to his body and takes it over but it don't last long.


I rewatched the ep

lemmie try diss again

Koji is fixing Mazinger Z at da Photon Power Lab and finds a time bomb(jigen bakudan!!) Gamia attacks and Jinmen tries to stop the bomb. he finds Brockens bod and fuses with it. Brocke thinks if his body is blown up he can get a new one and after the fusion decides to leave. Jinmen throws the bomb and it lands near Broken and pops. His head lands on koji fighting gamia and koji uses it as a shield (which brocken criticizes him as not a heroic thing to do(but koji don't give a sh-t)) Gamia reveals shes programmed by Ashura and is gonna ice em both dawgula! so koju throws brocken at her and gets in the pilder. when the lift fans turn on it blows open Gamias cloak and she as metal nipples so koji(with a b0nar) boosts the fans. Jinmen and brocken both get(share?) a b0nar and brocken tries to get back his body. gamia goes full feminazi and attacks koji for being hetero (chucks him out the building) she busts up the place with nanto suicho ken hair slices and whines aboutr men like a tumblr commie. Jinmen tries to reason with her but she sez she wa seen nude so she cat be a bride(shes a robot, I don't think (normal) people marry machines (but some guys b0ne cars so maybe). Jinmen sez brocken looked but gamia knows Jinmen also saw her dark nipples so she sliced off his head (which brocken calls back and reequips. he reveals he can super speed move 1 meter at a time (which gamia sez its faster to just walk and lops off his head) as gamia stads over the heads they see up her cloak(but she has no crotch parts!) she freaks out and brocken and body escapes. gamia the goes yuri for Aphrodite A

there. that was better

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z HenEdit

Count Blocken Shin Mazinger

How does he drink if his head is off?

I here he iz Another loyal servant of Dr. Hell. Brocken is a German cyborg whose head is completely separated from his body. He commands the Air Division of Dr. Hell's army.


  • Devilman Hanappe Bazooka Cameo

    headz a poppin

    Hanappe Bazooka: In Hanappe Bazooka OVA he appears for a few secs next to Baron Ashura in a demon thing around 3/5ths through the OVA. It is implied he is a demon in here.

he's being controlled by a midget inside him!

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