Chokkei and Honey Opening 2 New Cutey Honey

At least he isn't a wiener like Shinji from evangelion, or Yuya from yugioh arc v(but with curvy honey living with em I bet he j-rks off just as much)

Chokkei Hayami is the son of Daiko Hayami and Akakabu Hayami and the grandson of Danbei Hayami in New Cutey Honey. He lives in Cosplay City and works for Mayor Light. Also he's totally gay for Honey Kisaragi cuz she's nice kind fun and has a rockin curvy bod! (but later he gets into some chick named Natsuko (not Natsuko Aki(Honey's yuri partner)). He's kind of the Genki from Monster Rancher as he's a normal guy who helps out this awesome character in this crazy world, but New C H is a sequel with a new generation of characters so its kinda Cutey Honey GX (or is it Cutey Honey GT?)

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