Go Nagai Wor;d thing

Spoiler; Getter Robo, Kotetsu Jeeg and Grendizer do basically nothing in here

CB Chara Go Nagai World (Chibi Character's Go Nagai's world) is a three episode original video animation (OVA) released Febuary 21, 1991 and ended in June 1992. Outside Japan the OVA was only released in Italy under the going by the name Il pazzo mondo di Go Nagai. This is argumentably due to that knowledge required in order to understand various featurings in this show. It is also one of the very few shows featuring Violence Jack in an animated form rather than on paper.

The anime itself is a self parody of the various manga works of Go Gagai. (Implying his manga are not already parodies of themselves by default) While it also features a handful other works of Nagai going under; Great Mazinger, UFO Robo Gredizer, and even going as far as Ken Ishikawa's Getter Robo. It's main focus seems to be featuring his big three; starting with his die-hard classic known as Devilman appearing in the first OVA, while Mazinger Z featuring in the second, and ending with introduction of a controversially decresed version of Violence Jack.

  • Confirmed conspiration

While there were many theories out there by fans of Devilman and Violence Jack saying that the two were one person, it was finally officially confirmed in the third episode.

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