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Baron Ashura is a hermaphrodite villain from Mazinger Z.

Mazinger ZEdit


Why is the chick always paler than the dude??

In the original Mazinger Z manga, Baron Ashura is a cyborg created by Dr. Hell using the mummified remains of a Mycenaean couple. Ashura thanked Dr. Hell with loyalty and forever follows Dr. Hell without question. It was Ashura who initiated the assassination attempt on Juzo Kabuto, Koji Kabuto's grandfather, and succeeded. Ashura sees Koji as a worthy enemy thanks mainly to Mazinger Z winning over Dr. Hell's machines. Ashura also has a rivalry over Count Brocken, another of Dr. Hell's servants, over who wins the mad scientist's admiration.

CB Chara Go Nagai WorldEdit

Ashura chibi

Baron Ashura in SD (Super-Deformed) form from CB Chara Go Nagai world.

In here, Asura finds Ryo Asuka and thinks it was his Satan powers that made the Chibi World. They form an alliance with Ryo and later captures Sirene to be the bride of their master. They get into a "trying to kill the other guy" thing with their master when its Ryo who comes out instead of Sirene and it turns out the evil empire they belong to is almost broke so Ryo gives them his Demon Gold Card. After the ship is destroyed by Mazinger and Satan, Asura and Jinmen land on Violence Jack World and meet up with Bunta and Ryu Takuma. After Koji Kabuto and they make a spacecraft out of Mazinger Z, Belgas and Ghoul they return to their home world and are last seen giving their creator a hug(Awww).


Ashura Shower

too bad good thing we don't see his/her crotch. I wonder what its like?

In Mazinkaiser, Baron Ashura continues their attempt to please Dr. Hell by defeating Koji Kabuto and fulfilling the mad scientist's ambition to rule the world. As in the original Mazinger Z series, Baron Ashura meets constant defeat and thus tries other methods of defeating Koji Kabuto, such as sending the android assassins Gamia Q, and disguising as Prof. Yumi, Sayaka's father and head of the Photon Power Lab. In the end, Ashura is imprisoned by Dr. Hell for their constant failures but is set free and given one last chance in a duel to the death against Koji.
Ashura sliced

Baron Ashura's final moments before ultimately being defeated by Koji Kabuto, in the final episode of Mazinkaiser.

Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z HenEdit

In Shin Mazinger, Baron Ashura is sent to assassinate Juzo Kabuto and destroy the Photon Power Lab, as the first in Dr. Hell's campaign of world domination. Ashura begins sending agents to assassinate Juzo, but are constantly killed by members of the Kurogane House. Ashura then sends Garada K7 and Doublas M2 to attack, but attacks and knocks down Mazinger Z with their bare hands after seeing it as a striking resemblance to Zeus, the person responsible for the downfall of the Mycenaeans. Ashura is stopped by Dr. Hell, who sees their actions delaying the campaign. Ashura then resumes the campaign by letting Garada K7 attack Mazinger Z, Doublas M2 on the Photon Power Lab and the Iron Mask troops go after Juzo Kabuto. By the end of Episode 4, Ashura is struck down by an assassin from the Kurogane House but somehow never dies. At the end of the series, Baron Ashura trolls everyone by sacrificing itself in order to revive the old gods of Mycenae.



Go Nagai sure loves hermaphrodites

  • Violence Jack: In volume 8 they appear and does the same thing as in the show while being a human who knows kung fu. Ashura witnesses the death of Jim Mazinger but is defeated and perhaps dies in a fight with Aphrodina and Diana.
Devilman Hanappe Bazooka Cameo

he/shes on the west side

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