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Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman (Also written アモン: デビルマン黙示録, Amon: Debiruman Mokushiroku, lit. Devilman Apocalypse)is a manga done by the artist Yu Kinutani (衣谷 遊, Kinutani Yu) based on the Devilman manga by Go Nagai. Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman OAV is a loosely based on this manga. Six volumes have been published.


Volume one portrays Akira Fudo after he finds Miki beheaded. Cursing Satan he loses his humanity and Amon regains his body, and goes on a rampage across the globe melting everything in his path.

Volumes two, three, and four go into the prehistoric world that Demons once ruled.

There the great Demon Mazaa (possible play on the word mother) (女王 マザー lit. Queen) gives birth to a clan of dark-skinned harpy female Demons. A young white male baby is found in the flock, one without wings or claws. Deciding to spare the child from death the Demon clan takes him under their wings. Growing strong the child develops great hunting prowess and psychic power. Taking livers from the dinosaurs he's slain he begins feeding an offshoot of Mazaa, in the form of Sirene. After an attack by Pterodactyls and Tyrannosaurus Rexes leaves the clan all but extinct except for Sirene, the man, and Shina (シーナ) the man and Sirene devour Mazaa and head off to explore the world.

Along the way they meet many other Demons such as Kaim, Atai (アタイ) part bug, part acid spitting Demon that later possess Miko, and Asra (アスラ) a demon with a split personality and body (much like Two-Face from Batman) who has control over a giant mass of flesh composed of many Demons.

Sirene befriends Satan and she becomes on of his followers and is taken to Atlantis.

Floating in the sky is a large sphere of fluxing energy and flesh known as Amon. Shina decides to go up there and fight Amon but loses and is absorbed. The man finds her body and tries to fight Amon with all his might but is devoured as well. Becoming one with Amon the man drops down in front of Satan and declares war.

In Volume five we go back to the modern Earth. Akira and Ryo are still on good terms, and Demons are still ravaging the shattered human world. Akira is having trouble controlling his demonic side, and fantasies of consuming flesh.

Volume six:????

Devilman Mokushiroku: Strange daysEdit

Sequel to the Apocalypse series.

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